Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS)

The Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS) provides growers and transporters with a level of flexibility at harvest by providing a practical way to manage over-loading of grain trucks.

HMMS was originally developed by the CBH Group and has now been adopted and is managed by Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA). Whilst the primary aim of the scheme is to ensure loading of trucks is within the standards legal limits, a tolerance is provided during harvest.

The Scheme provides an Extra Mass Tolerance (EMT) of up to 10% of the vehicle’s overall VRL (capped at 10 tonnes) from the start of October to the end of February each year. Within the Scheme there is a limit of five non-compliance strikes before the truck is suspended from the Scheme. In addition to this, if Main Roads WA finds that greater than 20% of a truck’s deliveries were more than 7% above the legal limit they may exclude that vehicle from the Scheme the next year.

As part of the Scheme, all truck owners are required to register their vehicles before delivery. All vehicles are required by Main Roads WA to carry a copy of the Special Government Gazette and a Carter’s Delivery Form (CDF) from CBH.

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Download the Harvest Guide for more information (PDF)

Download the Special Government Gazette (PDF)

Download the Main Roads WA business rules (PDF) 

Higher mass for single steer trucks

Main Roads WA have provided an Exemption Notice to allow suitably equipped trucks and prime movers to exceed the statutory 6.0 tonne steer axle mass limit, provided it complies with the following conditions:

a)      The vehicle is fitted with suitably rated tyres having a width dimension of at least that specified in c) below, together with complying rims; and

b)      The vehicle has the capacity to carry the additional load without modifications, unless the modifications have been approved by the Director General of Transport; and

c)       The single steer axle mass does not exceed:

    • 6.5 tonnes when tyres with a minimum width of 295mm are fitted; or
    • 6.7 tonnes when tyres with a minimum width of 375mm are fitted.

It is important for growers and transport operators to read and understand the Exemption Notice, including when the exemption does and does not apply and providing evidence for conformance.

Read more information on the Exemption Notice >

If growers and transport operators would like to register using the Exemption Notice and do not currently have FUPS, please update your details using the Truck Registration form and return it to CBH or update your registration through LoadNet®.

Truck registration

To participate in the Scheme, trucks must be registered with CBH.

Download the Truck Registration form (PDF)

Load forfeiture approval

To forfeit over-loaded grain, approval must be provided by growers. By approving forfeiture CBH will have authority to receive the forfeited amount of grain.

All forfeited grain is sold by CBH at the end of harvest and the profits are donated to charitable organisations.

You can pre-register forfeiture approval by filling out and returning the Forfeiture Approval Authority form. By using this form, any trucks that are over-loaded will automatically have the over-loaded tonnage amount forfeited without further approval.

Download the Forfeiture Approval Authority form (PDF)

If you do not wish to pre-register, you can fill out the Load Forfeiture Approval section of the Carter’s Delivery Form (CDF).