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Swap grain for fertiliser

Grain for Fert

With our Grain for Fert option, you can get low cost finance by swapping your grain for fertiliser. Free up your farm capital by using future grain sales to help finance putting your crop in. 

How does it work?

  1. Select the ‘Grain for Fert’ payment option through your sales representative or in LoadNet to complete an application form. 
  2. Once approved, return your contract paperwork prior to collection.
  3. Your fertiliser invoice is automatically paid from your Grain for Fert facility 
  4. You need to deliver to CBH by 31 January and have until 31 July to sell. 
  5. Your Grain for Fert contract is repaid automatically when you nominate to CBH cash or pool contracts. 
  6. Any surplus reservations are returned to you. 


A Grain for Fert facility is only to the value of fertiliser purchased, with a grain commitment at a rate of $200 per tonne.

Find out how Grain for Fert has helped grower Shaun Kalajzic