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Paddock Planner

Paddock Planner is more than a crop estimates collection tool – it’s a complementary farm management tool that takes your estimates through to delivery via the CDF app and provides insights as you harvest through My Dashboard.
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Paddock Planner is free for all CBH growers.

  • Digitalise your farm
    Map farm properties and paddocks and enter hectares
  • Crop estimates
    Enter crop estimates by commodity variety and intended delivery site
  • Segregation plans
    Check your crop estimates against CBH’s indicative Segregation Plans to plan your harvest logistics
  • Sync deliveries with CDF
    Enable easier deliveries with Paddock Planner synced to your CDF app
  • Reports
    Download farm property summary reports to CDF or csv data file
  • Manage paddocks
    Add new, delete or transfer paddocks between properties
  • Import & export paddocks
    Upload or download your paddock boundary files to use with other software
  • Manage farm properties
    Add new, deactivate or transfer properties between accounts (or to another grower)


Log in to LoadNet to get started and check out the Paddock Planner User Guide for helpful instructions.

Browser compatibility

For the best experience with Paddock Planner, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Edge internet browsers. If you have Windows 10 you can easily download Chrome or Firefox.

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer, as it is a poor user experience.

Video Tutorials

  • Questions?
    Check our FAQs section for frequently asked questions about using LoadNet, Paddock Planner, CDF and more
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