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Moisture management

Moisture management services provide growers with flexibility to deliver wheat and barley that exceeds the maximum receival standard, provided it is within defined tolerances. Moisture management services are available at selected sites throughout the state.

The receival standard base limits for moisture are:
  • Wheat up to 12.5%
  • Malt grade barley up to 12.5%
  • Feed grade barley up to 13.0%
Where High Moisture Management services are in place, you can deliver:
  • Wheat up to 14%
  • Feed grade barley up to 14.0%

High Moisture Management service availability is season, zone and site dependent. Services can be suspended at any time during harvest.

Delivering to High Moisture Services

When delivering to sites with High Moisture Services available, a load will be deliverable (provided the load meets all other receival standards) if the moisture is:

  • Wheat 12.6% to 14.0% (inclusive)
  • Feed Barley 13.1% to 14.0% (inclusive)

The following options are available at the time of delivery: 

Option 1:
Deliver to a standard grade and incur High Moisture charges (13.1% to 14.0% moisture). These charges are inclusive of tonnage reductions and are reflective of the costs and risks CBH incurs from receiving high moisture grain.

View our Fee and Charges

Option 2: Deliver to the High Moisture segregation and market the grain as an M series grade or high moisture contract where available. High moisture loads (up to 14.0% moisture) delivered under this option will not be subject to High Moisture charges.