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Moisture management

Moisture management services provide growers with flexibility to deliver wheat and barley that exceeds the maximum receival standard, provided it is within defined tolerances. Moisture management services are available at selected sites throughout the state.

The receival standard base limits for moisture are:
  • Wheat up to 12.5%
  • Malt grade barley up to 12.5%
  • Feed grade barley up to 13.0%
Where High Moisture Management services are in place, you can deliver:
  • Wheat up to 14%
  • Feed grade barley up to 13.5%

High Moisture Management service availability is season, zone and site dependant. Services can be suspended at any time during harvest.

Options for delivering high moisture grain

  • Option 1 - Do nothing (wheat only)

    Sell the grain ‘as delivered' with the high moisture grade and price available. No moisture management fees will be applied to these loads. You can still optimise your load, but you will only be able to optimise high moisture grades with other high moisture grades. Please note this option is not available for high moisture barley.

  • Option 2 - Request moisture management (wheat only)

    On your request, CBH will adjust the load to 12% moisture, with a percentage reduction in total tonnes in line with normal grain drying practice and with fees applied. To choose this option, you must follow the process below:

    1. Submit a Load Correction via (available on LoadNet) for loads that you would like adjusted. When requesting a load correction for a grade change for moisture, list the reason as “High Moisture Service”.
    2. CBH will adjust the load moisture result to 12% and reduce the tonnes comparative to the moisture loss (as per grain drying practice) from the original result.
    3. It may take up to three business days from your request to process the changes to the loads before visible in LoadNet.
    4. You can then optimise and nominate (sell) your load with the new result. CBH will invoice the moisture management fees at the end of each month.

    Charges for moisture management and tonnage reduction

    Charges for High Moisture Management services (Option 2) apply to cover storage risk and additional resources to manage grain deliveries. Marketers will price high moisture grain independently of high moisture service charges and should be contacted directly for further information.

    View our Fees and Charges