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Sites for lease or sale

As we continue to improve and develop key sites in our network, we will retire non-network receival sites that have not been operational for some time or are no longer suitable to receive and handle grain. 
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Current sites for lease or sale

CBH has completed comprehensive modelling to determine which sites will be retired including future crop estimates and trends, logistic requirements, operational costs and retirement costs among others.

Sites identified for retirement will be offered for lease or sale in the first instance as part of an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, and we encourage growers, community groups and the wider public to express their interest.

Please download a copy of our brochure regarding the process here. 

The EOIs are now open for the sites listed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my site being closed?
    • We are now receiving the vast majority (~97%) of our annual harvest in our 100 network sites.
    • Even with record harvest in 2021/22, we only needed to open 30 non-network sites for receivals, which took approximately 600,000 tonnes between them. 
    • The majority of the sites available for lease or sale have not been used for over ten years, with 11 sites not open for grower receivals in the past five years. Only two sites have been opened once in a five-year period, and received only 0.009% of total receivals during that time. 
    • CBH has completed comprehensive modelling to determine which sites will be retired including future crop estimates and trends, logistics requirements, operational costs and retirement costs among others.
    • We believe that this site may be of better use to someone else – growers, community groups, shires, or commercial entities – for another use other than storing grain.
  • How were these sites selected?
    • CBH has completed comprehensive modelling to determine which sites will be retired including future crop estimates and trends, logistics requirements, operational costs and retirement costs among others.
    • This list of 13 selected sites has been largely driven by sites that had lease or sale potential, combined with current operational requirements.
  • Why are you leasing the sites?
    • By leasing sites, we will enable growers, community groups, shires or local businesses to utilise the infrastructure for an alternative use than storing grain.
    • In addition, revenue generated from leasing sites will costs less than demolition and revenue goes back into the co-op.
  • Why aren't you converting more sites to surge sites for record harvests instead of trying to lease them out?
    • Sites that are in a suitable condition and require minimal upkeep are being earmarked for surge sites.
    • For a variety of reasons, many Tranche 1 sites are not suitable for receiving and storing grain.
    • In many cases, refurbishment costs are too high, and it makes more financial sense to lease or sell for other uses.
  • You have listed the 'first thirteen sites. How many more sites will be retired, and when?
    • No more sites will be retired this year and further information on remaining sites will be provided in 2023.
  • Does this mean there will be a second phase? How many more?
    • The 2016 Network Strategy identified approximately 102 non-network sites that had a variety of possible future uses – to be leased or sold, decommissioned, used by CBH operations for alternative uses or to be maintained for use during above-average harvests.
    • In 2019, the CBH Board approved 40 sites (Tranche 1) out of the 102 non-network sites to be permanently retired.
    • No board decision has been made on the remaining ~62 non-network sites.
    • A second phase of site retirements is one possible scenario out of many; however there are many factors to consider before a decision will be made. 
  • I am interested in leasing or buying a site...what happens next? Who can I talk to about this?
    • The CBH website has all the relevant information about the Expression of Interest process, which is open until the end of August 2022. 
    • You need to submit an EOI and then a CBH representative will be in contact regarding the next steps. 
    • If you have any questions, please email them through to:
  • Why aren't you demolishing more sites? Isn't leasing or maintaining defunct sites just a waste of the co-op's resources? Wouldn't you be better off knocking them down?
    • CBH recognises the opportunity to provide access to infrastructure to help serve a community’s needs and our preference is to offer safe retired sites either for lease or sale to the community.   

Sites for lease or sale location map

  • Sites for lease
  • Sites for sale

Bidding process

CBH will make available for lease or sale sites no longer suitable or required as part of our grain receival network. These sites will be offered for lease or sale through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

  1. Site availability published
    Site flagged as available for lease or sale. Property information released on CBH website.
  2. Register EOI
    Register your interest by completing the online lease or sale EOI form.
  3. Inspections
    CBH invites interested parties to attend optional site inspection.
  4. Register final bid
    If required, interested party reviews full site information, and registers final bid.
  5. Offers considered
    Offers reviewed with criteria balancing intended purpose with investment required to make site safe.
  6. Contracts finalised
    Selection of preferred proponent and agreement to contract terms.

Expression of Interest (EOI) form

Sites for lease and sale

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Sites for lease

I'm interested in the following sites:


Sites for sale

I'm interested in the following sites:


Please read the privacy statement.


Where requested by Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited, the entity or individual submitting an Expression of Interest will be required to execute a confidentiality agreement before CBH provides information in relation to the proposed site. CBH will provide the confidentiality agreement to EOI participants.

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