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CBH Rover mobile app

The CBH Rover mobile application has been developed to support site-to-site road movements for transport contractors moving grain for CBH. Any transporter who carts grain for CBH is required to use the CBH Rover app.
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Two men wearing hi vis stand to the side of a large road train truck

Grain delivery management for transporters

  • Complete site inductions
    Simple and quick in-app site induction
  • Weighbridge self-serve
    Driver self-weigh for gross and tare weights
  • Save favourites
    Ability to set up favourite trucks and sites
  • All site information
    Easy access to site operating hours, contact details & traffic flow maps
  • Digitalise paperwork
    App replaces paper forms with electronic versions available in the app and email
  • Delivery history
    Ability to view load history and forward on paperwork
  • Now available on iOS and Android devices

Click on the buttons below to download the Rover app for your device

How it works

  1. The app replaces the paper Road Movement Authority (RMA) forms.
  2. Driver self-manages their access to the SitePass app. Log in with your SitePass ID and PIN to commence using the app.
  3. Start a new journey in the app and when arriving at site, use the app prompts to weigh-in, load and weigh-out. Ensure site induction is completed and local operational two-way channels are used for communications with CBH site staff.
  4. The load information is now available in the app and can be presented on request (ie. to a Heavy Vehicle Inspector).
  5. Proceeds to the discharge site and follows the app prompts and site staff to discharge the load.
  6. Once complete, the electronic RMA is emailed to the app user, transport operator and available in LoadNet for Transporters.