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Storage and handling

Owned by Western Australian growers, CBH operates more than 100 grain receival sites across Western Australia.
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CBH storage and handling

Our sites receive the bulk of the Western Australian grain crop during harvest with a large seasonal workforce employed during this time to service growers delivering their crop.

Following harvest, grain is transported by rail and road to our four export terminals at Geraldton, Kwinana, Albany and Esperance for loading on to ships.

Western Australia exports around 90 per cent of its grain crop through bulk export to more than 30 countries across the world.

We also export grain in containers through loading services at our Metro Grain Centre in Perth. Metro Grain Centre houses the Australian Grain Centre, which provides state-of-the-art grain testing facilities and quality control services.

Our Head Office is situated in Perth, with regional offices located in several grain growing communities.

The CBH network map and receival sites are arranged in to five management zones – Geraldton, Kwinana North, Kwinana South, Albany and Esperance – further divided into areas within each zone. Each zone is overseen by a Zone General Manager and is supported by Area Managers.

Sites & Ports Directory

View our Sites and Ports Directory for a complete list of sites, ports, offices and to find contact details.