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Contract and nominate

Growers can nominate (sell) their grain in LoadNet to marketers using flexible payment methods for all commodities.

Prior to nominating, you will need the following information:

  • The marketer or buyer you are nominating grain to; to whom grain will be sold.
  • The payment method1
  • The grain contract number
  • The destination site2

1If a grain contract is in place with an acquirer, the payment method should be “contract”.
2The destination site will be the port unless you are utilising the Site Select services.

As there are several options available during the harvest period, it is important to ensure the correct options are selected when using LoadNet to nominate grain.

  • Marketers

    Growers can discuss their marketing options with the many available marketers in the marketplace. Grain can only be nominated to a marketer who is registered with CBH. If the marketer that you want to sell your grain to is not visible on LoadNet, you will need to contact them for further information.

  • Payment methods

    Marketers can register multiple payment methods with CBH. The terms and conditions of each payment method may vary for each different acquirer. An example of a payment method is 'Cash' or 'Pool'. It is important to discuss your choice with the relevant marketer.

  • Pools (including marketer specific pool option products)

    There are various pool options available for both direct nomination and contracting options. Your marketer will be able to advise what to select when nominating to ensure correct nomination into the chosen pool type.

    Find out more about CBH's Pools >

  • Contract (including cash contracts and pool contracts)

    When you take out a cash contract, you will receive a guaranteed price for the tonnes you have committed to the contract. Growers must deliver and nominate grain into the contract within the delivery period in order to prompt payment and avoid washout costs.

    When you take out a CBH pool contract you are guaranteed access into the pool for the tonnes you have committed, and the payment method chosen. Growers must still nominate into the pool contract within the relevant delivery period.

  • Site Select

    The Destination Site drop-down option in LoadNet determines whether you are nominating to the Integrated Supply Chain or to Site Select. If you select the available port, you are choosing the Integrated Supply Chain. When a site option is available for your loads and is chosen in the dropdown you are choosing Site Select.

    Find out more about CBH storage services >

  • Direct to Vessel

    When nominating to Direct to Vessel (DTV) you will need to choose the DTV marketer entity from the nomination list. This will be a sub-entity of the main marketer account, such as 'CBH Group - Direct to Vessel'. Only loads delivered and nominated to Port or Overflow Sites within the marketers nominated 21-day window will be eligible. Canola is exempt from this rule and can be delivered at any time prior to the window commencing. If you are unsure of the DTV window, please contact your contracted marketer or for CBH, refer to the Direct to Vessel page.

  • Donate grain to charity

    Growers can donate grain entitlement or the proceeds of a grain sale to a charity. Only charities that deliver grain in their own right can receive grain entitlement. The original deliverer is liable for any delivery and storage charges up to the point of transfer. Future storage, freight and outturn charges will be invoiced to the recipient of the grain.

    To donate grain to a non-delivering charity, the grower will need to contact the Grower Service Centre to obtain a Cash Contract in the charity’s CBH Account Number.

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