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We're proud of our track record when it comes to our pools, consistently delivering strong outcomes to growers who use pools as part of their grain marketing plan.
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Why use pools?

Pools provide an easy way for you to diversify your grain marketing with different time frames and risk profiles to achieve consistent results over time. With a pool you can access post-harvest opportunities and capture value when global origins reach key points in their production cycles. Why wouldn't you use a pool as part of your grain marketing strategy?

Your grain, your margins

Leverage CBH's superior domestic and international customer relationships. Our scale and operations across all zones and markets means that growers benefit from every opportunity, and the efficiencies that scale brings. Selling direct to end-users through a pool means you capture the full value of your grain instead of third party merchants. 

Check your results

Compare your individual marketing results against our pools using our Grain Marketing Tool in LoadNet.

Pools that perform

Our pools are proven performers that have stood the test of time.

With an expert marketing and trading team that gets to work as soon you sell your tonnes into a pool, constantly monitoring global markets and looking for opportunities to maximise the value of your grain, you can rely on our pools. 

Take a look at a snapshot of our average performance over time for our Harvest Pools, when compared to the best available cash prices.

Performance Chart Tool

View and compare the past performance of all our pools using our online chart tool

Performance Chart Tool

Online Pool Calculator

Calculate your Estimated Pool Return and payments with our online Pool Calculator.

Pool Calculator

CBH understands every business is different, which is why we offer a range of pool payment options to help make your grain marketing decisions easier.

Through our pool payment options we offer security of payment, flexibility and convenience with fast payment terms of three business days. You can access all your paperwork in one convenient place via your LoadNet account.

Use the online Pool Calculator to get an up to date estimate of your pool payments through the different payment methods available.

  • 1. Advance

    The Advance payment method provides you with an up-front harvest payment within three business days from day of nomination. Use the Pool Calculator to find out how much advance is available for each commodity.

    Further payments may be made in July and at the pool finalisation date dependent on the Estimated Pool Return (EPR).

    • GST applies to Advance payments
    • An estimated finance charge is deducted from your payment at harvest, and is adjusted over subsequent payments
    • Underwriting is optional
  • 2. Loans

    There are two loan options to choose from, Harvest Loan or Flexi Loan.

    1. Harvest Loan automatically gives you 100% of the available credit limit within three business days from nomination.
    2. Flexi Loan gives you 100% of the available credit limit that you can manage and drawdown as required.

    Please note that only one loan payment method can be used for each commodity that you nominate into a Harvest Pool.

    • No loan establishment or application fees
    • Monthly loan statements available on LoadNet
    • Variable interest rate
    • GST is not applied to loans or drawdowns
    • Underwriting is optional
    • Loan balance is automatically re-paid through the quarterly distribution payments
    • GST is applied to the distribution payments
    • You can make payments or pay out your loan account at any time
  • 3. Distribution

    You can spread your income throughout the year and receive quarterly payments with the distribution payment method. Each payment reflects the pool's net available funds received from sales at the time of distribution.

    • GST applies to distribution payments
    • Payments are made quarterly as per the timeline, but are subject to change
    • No finance charges apply
    • Underwriting is not available
  • 4. Deferred

    Receive your first payment in July following harvest, with the final payment at pool finalisation.

    • GST applies to deferred payments
    • An estimated finance charge or credit may be applied to the July payment
    • Underwriting is not available
  • 5. Underwriting

    On your request CBH will underwrite a percentage of the Nominated Estimated Pool Return (NEPR). This means that you are protected if the final pool equity falls below the underwritten percentage of the NEPR.

    • Underwriting is optional
    • Available for the Advance, Harvest Loan and Flexi Loan payment methods
    • Complete an Underwriting Election Form to opt in: 
  • 6. Fees
    Estimated costs will be deducted proportionally to the percentage distributed.
    Advance Optional Yes
    Harvest & Flexi Loans Optional Yes
    Distribution No No
    Deferred No Yes^
    *Finance is the interest and financing costs associated with CBH's funding facility, used to pay you before payment for sales made in the pool have been received. For Loans, this is an estimate of the interest charged over the life of the loan and is used only in the calculation of your credit limit.
    ^Finance on the deferred payment method may be a charge or a credit depending on the timing of cashflow

2020-21 Pools Audited Financial Statements - South Australia

2019-20 Pools Audited Financial Statements - South Australia

CBH Group's pools are independently audited upon completion for compliance with Australian Accounting Standards.

Archive: Pools Audited Financial Statements

Our pool mandates prescribe the boundaries which each pool is managed, maintaining exposures within upper and lower limits for physical sales, commodity and foreign exchange hedging.

The charts below detail the mandates for each of our pools.

Current Season

Past Seasons

  • 22-23 Deferred Sales Pool Mandate (Wheat/Barley/Canola/Oats/Lupins)
    22-23 Barley Deferred Sales Pool Mandate (Wheat/Barley/Canola/Oats/Lupins)
  • 22-23 Flexi-Starter Pool Mandate (Wheat/Barley/Canola)


  • 22-23 Wheat Harvest Pool Mandate
  • 22-23 Barley Harvest Pool Mandate
  • 22-23 Canola Harvest Pool Mandate
  • 22-23 Lupin Harvest Pool Mandate
  • 22-23 Oat Harvest Pool Mandate