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DailyGrain is a leading price discovery and grain marketing service in Western Australia.
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Notifications & MarketPlace

DailyGrain ( is a digital platform providing price notification service with daily bids from participating buyers.

Growers can also market their grain on a digital MarketPlace, setting their price for a number of major grain commodities. With direct access to marketers, and real time visibility of transactions, you can quickly identify and take advantage of market trends and opportunities.

The service provides growers and grain marketing consultants a secure, efficient and simple marketplace to secure a better price for their grain.

The service works by collecting grain buyers’ cash and pool prices for all commodities and then displaying this information to members in a customisable format via desktop, tablet and mobile for quick and easy comparison of live prices. Members also have access to a range of tools to help them manage their grain marketing.

  • All things price related
    From the day’s cash and pool prices to historical charts and market news and information.
  • Determine your sell price
    Offer your grain on our secure MarketPlace for FREE and get the best possible price from numerous grain marketers.
  • Our link with LoadNet®
    Allowing you to chart and view your loads, as well as contract and nominate.
  • OptimiserPLUS
    Provides the benefits of running both Quality and Contract optimisation. The easy way to blend and allocate your wheat loads for the best possible return.



There are two annual memberships available to growers
Basic and Premium
Basic membership is free to CBH shareholders.

Mobile App

Selling your grain for the best possible price has been made easier with the new DailyGrain mobile app. As WA’s leading price discoverer, we equip our members, in the office or paddock, with the right information and tools so their grain marking decisions can be made with confidence.

Our mobile app allows instant access to the latest Offers, Bids, Trades as well as your own trading activity. You can quickly create new Bids or Offers with a few simple clicks.

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