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Feedback and disputes

We always welcome feedback on the level of service growers receive during harvest. This helps CBH plan future harvests and guide ongoing investment in the network to deliver the best possible outcomes for growers.

There are several channels for providing feedback.

  • The Grower Service Centre
    Call the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083 or
    email to provide feedback.
  • Bin Representative

    At least one ‘Bin Rep’ will be appointed at your site pre-harvest meeting to enable a direct channel for site-specific feedback during harvest. Bin Reps will liaise closely with senior site personnel to speak with local growers on operational issues. Please contact your local CBH office for more information on Bin Reps.

  • Post-harvest Review Meetings

    CBH conducts post-harvest review meetings with Bin Reps and senior site employees. This is an opportunity for the Bin Rep to provide feedback on what went well and what requires improvement for next harvest.

Dispute resolution process

Sampling disputes at delivery

It is the deliverer’s responsibility to understand the sampling process and assigned grades at the time of delivery. Where there is legitimate uncertainty over initial sampling results, there are dispute options available to you at the point of delivery to:

  • Allow for variability within the grain
  • Allow for equipment calibration tolerance
  • Challenge the sampler’s/CBH’s sample assessment

You are encouraged to use these options, outlined below, to resolve any issues as smoothly and quickly as possible. Disputing sample results post-delivery is not recommended and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that overuse of these options will slow the sampling process and reduce the effectiveness of monitoring sampling processes at a Zone level.

All dispute analysis results are final.
  • Infratec Re-assessment Procedure

    Infratec results may only be disputed using the Infratec Re-assessment Procedure or the Official Dispute system. If a grower is dissatisfied with the initial Infratec result, and this result is within 0.2% of the target result, or within 1 (not 0.1) whole graduation (e.g. 55 when the limit is 56 for colour), a repeat Infratec assessment is acceptable.

    The process is as follows:
    1. The re-sample must be taken from the representative sample bucket.
    2. The re-sample result is final and the load will be graded on this result.
    3. The re-sample result will provide a totally new result for all Infratec results including moisture, protein, colour (barley) and oil (canola).
    4. The results cannot be separated – if the moisture is being re-assessed, so will the other parameters (e.g. protein).

    For any other analysis not provided by the Infratec, you may choose only one of the following three options to dispute the results.

  • Average System

    The Average System is only an option for parameters that are counted, e.g. stained grain count, type 7B seed count etc. The Average System is not available for results produced by the Infratec, electronic balance, Agtator, Aerovac or Falling Numbers machine.

    The process is as follows:
    1. The results from the first sample are kept.
    2. The sampler draws two new half-litre samples from the representative sample bucket and checks each new sample for the defect under dispute.
    3. The three results are added together and divided by three to give an average result.
    4. Three samples must be used and the result is final.
  • Unofficial Dispute

    You or your representative can request an Unofficial Dispute when you disagree with the sampler’s subjective analysis or the sampling process at the time of delivery. The sample is re-analysed and re-graded by the local CBH office or the Australian Grains Centre (AGC) in Forrestfield. Only loads that can be received can be Unofficially Disputed and the option cannot be used to dispute results produced by the Infratec or electronic balance.

    The process is as follows:
    1. The defect requiring verification is placed inside a bag, which is placed inside a second bag with the remainder of the half litre, making sure all other defects removed are returned to the half-litre sample.
    2. Growers have the option to have the sample adjudicated at either the local CBH office or the AGC.
    3. The load will be received as assessed by the sampler and re-graded post-delivery, if required, as assessed by the local CBH office or AGC.
    4. Growers and samplers will be advised of the results once assessment is complete.
    5. The result is final.
    6. There is no charge for this service.

    You are encouraged to use this system if there is doubt about the analysis.

  • Official Dispute

    The Official Dispute option allows you to obtain a second opinion external to CBH on the sampling of your load and continue with your delivery. Only loads that can be received can be Officially Disputed, but Official Disputes may be carried out on any assessment which affects payment.

    The process is:
    1. A new representative sample is drawn from the truck in the presence of the grower or the grower’s representative and divided into three equal sub-samples. The grower is required to send one sample for independent assessment to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). The other two samples are retained by CBH.
    2. An official dispute is not processed until the grower’s sample and payment is received by DPIRD. Growers should check with DPIRD on the details of this charge.
    3. The load will be received as assessed by the sampler and re-graded post-delivery, if required, as assessed by DPIRD.
    4. The cost of this option is to be paid in full by the grower.
    5. The result is final.

Post-harvest and chemical residue detection disputes

Load related samples collected at the time of delivery may be tested post-harvest for chemical residues, the presence of genetically modified material and/or varietal misdeclaration. You will be notified of post-harvest assessment results and any charges owing.

You must advise CBH in writing if you wish to dispute results and/or charges in accordance with the Delivery and Warehousing Terms. CBH will have remaining samples re-tested and advise you of the results.

Other disputes

If you have a dispute in relation to CBH’s obligations under the Delivery and Warehousing Terms or charges levied against you, you must provide CBH with written notice in accordance with our Delivery and Warehousing Terms. You must provide notice to CBH within 10 business days of becoming aware of the facts giving rise to the dispute or in the case of invoiced services, prior to the due date on the invoice.

All disputes should be sent to the Grower Service Centre via email at