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Privacy Collection Statement

General Collection

At or before the time CBH (or a member of the CBH Group) collects personal information, CBH will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are made aware of who CBH is, the purpose of the collection, the organisations to who CBH would usually disclose information as part of providing services to you, the fact that you are able to gain access to the information held about you and the main consequences for you if all or part of the information is not collected.

CBH collects personal information so that it can perform our business functions and activities, including:

  • providing you with services focused on the marketing, handling, optimisation, storage and transport of grain and oil seed;
  • identifying people authorised to deal with grain entitlement;
  • purchasing grain from you;
  • providing you with grain or other products you have purchased from CBH;
  • maintaining records in relation to entitlement to grains, oilseeds, pulses and other products;
  • making payment to you and receiving payment from you;
  • administering and managing your interactions with CBH whether they relate to your commercial, dealings, your membership of CBH, any competitions or other purposes;
  • measuring, developing and implementing products and services for you;
  • enabling CBH to meet its legal and regulatory obligations;
  • activities and initiatives within the agriculture and transport industries; and
  • studying the promotion and development of Australian agricultural resources.

If you do not disclose the personal information that we are seeking to collect then we may be unable to provide services, make payments, conduct dealings with you and send you information. Where CBH considers it can provide opt-out options then CBH will inform you of those opt-out rights.

CBH may also use personal information to provide you with industry and marketing information, benefits and offers. If CBH do use personal information in this way you will have the right to opt-out from receiving this information by following the details of any opt-out procedures contained within the material or by contacting CBH as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

You can also opt-in, that is you may elect to receive certain materials that CBH have available for distribution.  Please see the CBH website for details of the information or promotional materials that you may elect to receive.  If you do elect to receive certain materials and provide us with personal information to allow us to do so, we will not disclose that information.

CBH may also disclose your contact details such as your name, address, email address and phone number to member director election candidates as part of the election process. You will have the right to opt out from having your contact details provided to director election candidates.

Grain Production Estimates

In relation to grain production estimates, the estimates that you provide to CBH are used individually and aggregated at various levels by CBH for the following purposes:

  • to understand the scale, location, commodities and varieties grown in a harvest and planned to be delivered by you to a CBH receival site;
  • to plan for current and future harvest services including but not limited to sites, segregations, equipment, carryover stocks, essential grain movements, staffing levels and site operating hours;
  • in conjunction with your delivered load data, to monitor the progress of harvest and performance of sites and to assist in making decisions on when segregations need to be opened or closed, site operating hours and staffing levels; and
  • to understand and predict sowing and delivery trends to assist with longer-term planning and improvement of storage and handling services and investment into your supply chain network.

CBH may elect to share aggregated (non-identifiable) estimates information (i.e. by zone, by commodity) publicly or with trusted third parties where the option of doing so benefits Western Australian growers and the grain industry.

CBH may engage with external service providers to accomplish the purposes set out in this Collection Statement. CBH will require the provider to maintain confidentiality of any data it may access in accomplishing that purpose and not use that data for any other purpose.

CBH does not share any individual grower estimates data with any trader or marketer, including CBH’s Marketing and Trading division, except where you have provided permission to do so.

You can opt to provide permission to access your individual information to any person or organisation in writing to CBH or through your LoadNet Permissions settings which you can update at any time.

CBH does not sell any grower data to any third party and will treat all personal information provided in Paddock Planner in accordance with the CBH Privacy Policy and this Collection Statement.

CBH Grain Swaption

If you enter into a CBH Grain Commodity Swaption contract, CBH Marketing and Trading (CBH Grain Pty Ltd) is required by law to report certain details to an authorised data repository located in Singapore, which may contain personal information relating to your use of the Swaption product.  That personal information may be on transmitted by the data repository in accordance with its data protection policy and privacy policy (

CBH Privacy Policy

CBH’s Privacy Policy contains further information that you may wish to understand about how CBH handles privacy, including:

  • where we may occasionally disclose your personal information to overseas organisations and where those organisations are generally located;
  • how you can access your personal information and seek correction of that information; and
  • how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with that complaint.

You can access CBH’s privacy policy here .


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