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Fees and charges

CBH is committed to providing the most effective, efficient and integrated service possible. We provide growers and exporters choice and flexibility in how you would like to use the supply chain as well as the opportunity to access lower cost pathways to port.

Services and Charges

2021/22 Grain Receival Fees

The grain receival fee covers the cost of providing sampling, weighing and fumigation services for grain deliveries to a CBH receival site. It also includes storing grain until 31 July of that year and essential investment in infrastructure.

Grain Fee
Wheat, Lupins $10.25 per tonne
Barley, Oats, Triticale, Cereal Rye, Lentils $11.65 per tonne
Field Peas, Chick Peas, Faba Beans $13.85 per tonne
Canola $17.15 per tonne
Other Grains POA

Freight Rates

CBH provides services to manage the transport of grain in the network. Grower destination freight charges cover the cost of grain movements from the delivery point to the port where the grain entitlement is transferred. Freight Rates are available.

Where the grain has been nominated to a marketer/exporter, freight fees are invoiced separately at the beginning of the month after the grain has been nominated.

Grower Outturn Charges

Outturn Charges

Growers can outturn their own grain and purchased grain from a site at which the grain is available, with CBH prioritising Domestic Outturn Services at Domestic Priority Sites. Charges are applied to recover the costs associated with outturning grain. The outturning party will be invoiced at the beginning of the month after the outturn has been completed.

Site Charge
Domestic Priority Site $7.50 per tonne
All other sites variable outturn fee based on outturn volume

Freight Rates

For grower outturns, a freight charge or rebate may apply to cover the differential between the delivery point and where the grain is outturned. Freight fees are invoiced separately at the beginning of the month after the grower outturn request has been executed.

Site Entitlement Fee (only applicable for Site Select services)

CBH may apply a Site Entitlement Fee where a grower would like to retain ownership and the option to outturn their grain from a specific receival site. The fee recovers the costs associated with grain being held at a specific CBH receival site and will be invoiced at the beginning of the month following outturn of the grain. Nominations for this service must be made by 31 January.

Date Domestic Priority Site or >2,000t per grade per site Other Sites <2,000t per grade per site
Mar 2022 $0.25 per tonne $1.05 per tonne
Apr 2022 $0.30 per tonne $1.05 per tonne
May 2022 $0.35 per tonne $1.05 per tonne
Jun 2022 $0.40 per tonne $1.05 per tonne
Jul 2022 $0.45 per tonne $1.05 per tonne

BAMA Contribution

The Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act (BAMA) Contribution is a Government levy applied to all grain delivered into CBH and is usually collected by the marketer. However, if a grower outturns their grain CBH collects the levy. CBH will invoice the grower at the beginning of the month after the outturn has been completed.

BAMA Levy $0.25 per tonne

Canola Testing Fee

This fee covers the ongoing testing required for canola. It applies to each tonne of grain outturned and is invoiced at the beginning of the month after the outturn has been completed.

Canola testing fee  $0.50 per tonne

Additional Services and Charges

  • On-Farm Service Incentives

    On-Farm services are provided to assist with the efficiency of harvest receivals. Growers who use these services may be entitled to a discount on receival fees. CBH may be able to offer harvest incentives to compliment your business. Please phone us on 1800 199 083 to discuss options.

  • Post-Harvest Delivery

    Post-Harvest Delivery offers growers the opportunity to deliver during off-peak times to avoid congestion at receival sites. Price on application. Please contact your Area Manager.

  • Fast Track

    Fast Track offers pre-certification of quality for feed barley and lupins, allowing growers to bypass the sample hut and save time at harvest. Please contact your Area Manager.

  • Extended Grain Storage

    Additional storage, handling and grain protection services are provided when grain is stored in the CBH system for an extended period of time.

    Carry over fees are calculated for each tonne of un-nominated grain in storage at the beginning of each month at the rate shown in the table below.

    Fees will accrue until nomination to an acquirer or grower outturn. A single invoice for the total amount will be issued.

    Date Pre 2021-22 season grain 2021-22 season grain
    1 Oct - 30 Oct 2021 $4.00 per tonne N/A
    1 Nov - 31 Dec 2021 $2.90 per tonne N/A
    1 Jan - 31 Jul 2022 $2.30 per tonne N/A
    1 Aug - 30 Sep 2022 $2.30 per tonne $2.00 per tonne
  • MGC Grower Load Cleaning

    Growers delivering grain to the Metro Grain Centre (MGC) in Perth can elect to have their grain cleaned. Quotations can be made available through MGC directly.

  • High Moisture Charges

    The following high moisture charges may apply to wheat and barley (feed only) where load grades or High Moisture Contracts are not available. These charges are inclusive of HM fees and tonnage reduction (%).

    Moisture Test Result (%) Charge per Tonne ($)
    13.1 6.78
    13.2 7.49
    13.3 8.50
    13.4 10.00
    13.5 12.12
    13.6  14.89
    13.7 18.13
    13.8 21.53
    13.9 24.77
    14 27.65
  • Contaminated Load Delivery Charge

    These fees are applied to recover costs associated with contaminated loads.

     Contaminant Level 1 Level 2
    Detection at Sample Shed $300 $270
    Detection at Grid $3,000 $2,700
    Detection at Stack $5,400 (minimum) $3,600 (minimum)
  • Late Grain Delivery Fee

    This fee applies to grain deliveries from 1 March when receival sites closer for standard harvest deliveries.

    Late Grain Delivery Fee $1.25 per tonne

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