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Grower freight rates

One of the services CBH provides is the transport of grain within our network and our freight rates cover the cost of grain movements from the delivery point to port, where the grain entitlement is transferred.

CBH provides freight rates from all receival sites open for grain deliveries to the natural port for the zone. 

Please note: CBH has reinstated the Out of Zone Nomination option for the 2023/24 harvest, as follows:

  • All sites can nominate into Kwinana zone
  • All Albany sites can nominate into Esperance zone, and Esperance into Albany zone
  • Select northern Kwinana sites can nominate into Geraldton zone.

Please note that this may be removed in future years to assist with supply chain efficiencies.

Loadnet - CBH
Freight Optimiser

Freight Optimiser is accessed via LoadNet and compares freight costs between sites to provide you with delivery options at harvest.

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Freight rate payments

Freight fees for outturns are invoiced separately at the beginning of the month after the grower outturn request has been lodged or grain is nominated to a marketer. Once freight rates have been finalised, you will receive your first invoice in February. Freight charges apply only to grain that has been nominated within the CBH Integrated service option and will be invoiced separately from other CBH fees and charges.

You have two options available to pay the February freight invoice:

  1. Pay the invoice in full by the due date
  2. Pay the invoice in four instalments in March, April, May and June via direct debit only. Interest will be applied and payable on the final instalment in June, with rates subject to change.

For subsequent freight invoices issued, payment must be received in full by the due date. Note that any remaining rebates will off-set your freight fees unless you have changed your preferences. This will occur at the time of invoicing and will be displayed on your invoice.

Calculating freight rates

A complex model is used to determine freight charges, which takes into consideration several factors such as fixed and variable charges impacted by the size of the crop; the load rates of the sites; distances to depots and ports; and the type of route and contract (road or rail).

As the season can change, final freight rates are not published until harvest has been completed. This allows CBH to review and finalise freight rates with a firm idea of how much grain needs to be moved during the year to keep those rates steady throughout the year. Rates are applied for any season’s grain nominations during a year. Pre-harvest published rates are an estimate only to assist decision making when delivering grain at harvest.