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CBH Fertiliser is all about providing high-quality products at competitive prices to help reduce growers’ on-farm costs. CBH Fertiliser is part of your co-operative and we have the ability to leverage CBH’s existing network and resources to maintain a competitive edge, and the ability to offer flexible and competitive payment terms to support needs of your farm business.

Our fertiliser product range comes from reputable, established suppliers and our product testing ensures you get the best quality fertiliser for your business.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Contact your Manager

    Contact your Fertiliser Area Manager or your local Business Relationship Manager for the latest prices, or request a quote online.
  2. Fertiliser contracts

    Fertiliser contracts will be sent to you with product, price, pickup period, payment terms and T&C’s.
  3. Contact us

    Contact us two weeks prior to your collection period contact us on 1800 199 083 to book a date, time and tonnage for collection.
  4. Pick up

    Pick up from the collection point as per your booking.

Payment options

You can pay for your fertiliser using Pre-pay Advantage, or with our standard 30-day payment terms

Payment methods

We offer payment methods including BPay and credit card. 

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