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CBH relies on its large network of suppliers and contractors and we value those relationships as we all work together to achieve positive outcomes. We use SAP Ariba as our integrated supply chain tool, and ask all suppliers to be registered before commencing any tendering or transactions.
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The supplier onboarding process for CBH is as follows:

  1. Receive an auto generated email to register using Ariba from CBH
  2. Receive registration status notifications (pending and approval)
  3. Complete a Commercial Questionnaire providing financial, insurance and other key information
  4. Account Activation by CBH
  5. User notifications on process completion

Upon successful completion of the CBH Registration form (Step 1) you will receive notifications from CBH of the approval status of your registration (Step 2). Note that the ‘pending approval’ notification indicates that the form has been submitted successfully. At this point you have created an Ariba account only.

The next step (Step 3) is to complete the CBH Commercial Questionnaire which will provide all the necessary information required to be set up as a Supplier in CBH;s accounting system. The subject heading of the email will read 'Action Required: Complete Commercial Questionnaire from the CBH Group

CBH will process this information (Step 4) and notify the impacted CBH staff of the successful completion (Step 5)

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