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CBH relies on its large network of suppliers and contractors, and we value those relationships as we all work together to achieve positive outcomes that align with our strategic objectives, sustainability principles and community engagement goals.
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Expressing your Interest

CBH welcomes new suppliers that embrace and comply with our procurement principles of delivering high standards of safety, quality, capacity and performance. We are excited to collaborate with suppliers to innovate and enhance business processes to deliver value to the Western Australian farming community.

If your business is interested in becoming a CBH supplier, please complete the Ariba Supplier Self-Registration Request Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Registering your interest to become a supplier provides CBH with details about your company’s capabilities for consideration for upcoming tender events. However, this registration does not result in the creation of a CBH vendor number, nor does it guarantee that you will be invited to an event or awarded any work. A CBH vendor number is only allocated on completion of the CBH Supplier Onboarding process.

Upon completing the Supplier Self-Registration Request Form, you will receive an automated email notification from the CBH Ariba Network inviting you to complete a questionnaire.

Ariba is an online network that supports collaboration between buyers and suppliers, including allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events, receive orders and send invoices, and manage their supplier information. See our ‘Ariba Administration and Support’ page for more information.

Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding is the process of accrediting suppliers to trade with CBH through our procurement systems. CBH utilises the Ariba system to accredit and onboard suppliers, where suppliers can submit/manage commercial information such as contact details, insurances, address and banking details.

The supplier onboarding process for CBH is as follows:

  1. Receive from CBH an auto generated email to register on the CBH Ariba Supplier Network;
  2. Receive registration status notifications (pending and approval);
  3. Complete a commercial questionnaire providing financial, insurance and other key information;
  4. Account activation by CBH; and
  5. Notifications on process completion.

Upon successful completion of the CBH Supplier Registration Questionnaire (Step 1) you will receive notifications from CBH of the approval status of your registration (Step 2). Note that the ‘pending approval’ notification indicates that the questionnaire has been submitted successfully.

The next step (Step 3), is to complete the CBH Supplier Commercial Request Questionnaire which will provide all the required information to be set up as a supplier in CBH’s accounting system. The subject heading of the email will read 'Action Required: Complete Commercial Questionnaire’ from the CBH Group.

CBH will process this information (Step 4) and notify the relevant CBH staff of the successful completion and a CBH vendor number is then created (Step 5).


CBH’s tender activities are managed through the Ariba source-to-contract module.

If your organisation is invited to participate in a tender, a member of the Procurement team will contact you with timelines and instructions. You will be sent an invitation email that will contain a hyperlink giving you access to the tender documents in your Ariba supplier portal. Once you have logged in to your Ariba account you will be guided through the process of submitting a response and will be able to download relevant documentation, lodge submissions and receive communications during the event period.

For further information on how to respond to an event, please refer to the document below.

Bidder Agreement

To participate in a CBH tender event, you must agree to the CBH Bidders Agreement.

Manual Tenders

CBH Representatives may also seek competitive quotes by issuing a Request For Quote (RFQ). For any RFQ issued, the below SAP RFQ Terms & Conditions will apply.

Existing Suppliers

CBH is going through a process of transitioning our existing vendors to Ariba. Existing suppliers may be asked to resubmit their company details in an online format as a once-off activity. Expiring documents such as insurances can then be maintained by the supplier, streamlining the process of updating these documents with CBH.

Once you are registered in Ariba, CBH may then invite you to receive purchase orders and process invoices via the Ariba network but the supplier will be notified of this prior.

CBH Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

CBH requests that all purchases of goods or services are supported by a Purchase Order. Invoices will be processed for payment if there is a valid CBH Purchase Order noted on the invoice.

In addition, where no contract has been executed for the supply of goods and/or services, CBH Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply.

PLEASE NOTE: CBH will not accept the supplier's terms and conditions that may be attached to a quotation, consignment note or any other document.

Ariba Administration and Support

Ariba is an online network that supports collaboration between buyers and suppliers, including allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events, receive orders, send invoices and manage their supplier information. It does not cost anything to set up an Ariba account for the purposes of responding to tender events or supplier onboarding questionnaires.

CBH may require suppliers to transact (ordering and invoicing) via the Ariba Network. There are both free and fee-paying options to use the Ariba Network for transacting (orders and invoices). To help with choosing the best account option for your business please refer to the Ariba Supplier Registration Guide below.

Creating an Ariba account

Transacting with CBH over the Ariba Network (supplier training and education material)

Visit the Supplier Education Materials Portalto download reference guides, information packs, and training material to help you transact with CBH over the Ariba Network.

SAP Ariba training for Standard Account suppliers
SAP Ariba training for Enterprise Account suppliers

Ariba Helpdesk

Need to speak to someone? Below is a step by step guide and video on how to request a call back from the Ariba help desk. This guide also steps through a number of common issues such as problems with your forgotten password, or if you need to reassign Ariba Administrator access due to an employee leaving the company.

Documents, Standards and Procedures

Policy/ Procedure Number or link Description Code of Conduct (‘The Way We Work’)
Supplier Code of Practice View our Code of Practice brochure for CBH Suppliers

Responsible and Sustainable Procurement
Modern Slavery Policy
Modern Slavery Statement Whistleblower Policy CBH Group Privacy Policy (including our Privacy Policy and procedures relating to the collection of Personal Information) CBH Contractor Safety
Contractor Management Minimum Requirements Standard
Contractor Business Registration Guide
Contractor SitePass Employee Registration and Management Guide
Alcohol and Drug Procedure
Critical Risk Control Group Procedure
Incident Management Procedure
Contracted Road Haulage Standard
Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
Environmental Management Standard
Life Saving Rules
TS15 - Packaging and Transport of Warehouse Goods.pdf Warehouse Standards
CBH Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.pdf CBH Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Download CBH Bidder Agreement (PDF, 336 KB) CBH Bidder Agreement
Ariba Supplier Registration Guide (PDF, 2 MB) Ariba Supplier Registration Guide
Ariba Responding to RFx Event Guide (PDF, 941 KB) Ariba Responding to RFx Event Guide
SAP RFQ Terms and Conditions (PDF, 324 KB) SAP RFQ Terms and Conditions
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