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Harvest overview

CBH’s storage and handling system currently receives around 90 per cent of the Western Australian grain harvest each year.
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Prepare for harvest

Our receival sites stretch from Binnu in the north, down to Albany, across to Beaumont, east of Esperance, and everywhere in between.

Western Australian grain growers harvest their crop on farm and transport it by truck to their nearest CBH receival site. Depending on the season we open more than 100 receival sites each year for growers to deliver their grain to.

We manage multiple commodities and grades at each site and make use of modern technology and grower crop estimates to ensure that the services available at each site meet the needs of the local growers as much as possible.

Harvest deliveries

Each year we take on a large number of casual employees to help operate our receival sites, and it's often a rite of passage for the children of growers, and the young people living in grain growing communities to ‘do a harvest’ with CBH.

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The average size of the crop has been consistently growing and now averages around 14 million tonnes per year.

The first deliveries typically come in during the second week of October, peaking at the end of November/start of December before trailing off as we near Christmas.

Our largest ever receivals day was on Wednesday, 1 December 2021, when 586,690 tonnes were delivered into 130 sites across our network.

Throughout harvest, CBH moves grain between sites, and straight to port to manage the available space at site, to make sure we can accommodate all deliveries, but also to get grain to port to meet our shipping requirements.

With trucks arriving and departing site constantly, and rail loading and unloading, harvest at CBH is a busy but exciting time!

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Harvest post-delivery