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Safety on site

CBH’s top priority is safety – we are committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive work environment for everyone.

CBH safety rules

We believe all injuries are preventable and ask for your co-operation and support of our safety standards. When on site, protect yourself and those around you by following the safety requirements below.

If you breach the site safety rules, time penalties may be applied that will prohibit you or your vehicle from entering a CBH site for a specified period based on the severity and regularity of the breach.

  • Grower/Grower Representative Site Induction

    Please ensure you and your representatives have read the below Work Health & Safety Grower Site Induction. 

    When you deliver to site there will be a prompt in the CDF app for you or your transporter to find the CBH site representative and sign the induction register, and discuss any site-specific hazards and/or traffic flow changes.  It is important that you do this for each site you or your transporter delivers to over harvest. 

    Download document here

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Every person entering a CBH site must be wearing sturdy, enclosed boots and a fluorescent high visibility vest or shirt at all times. Employees and CBH contractors must wear hard hats wherever there is a risk of falling objects. Growers and their contractors are not required to wear a hard hat during normal harvest delivery. Please reduce speed in unsealed areas to minimise dust generation.

  • Speed limit

    A 20 km per hour vehicle speed limit applies to all sites unless otherwise sign posted. Vehicle speed needs to be dropped considerably around weighbridges, sample platforms, grid areas and other zones where there may be people or equipment in the proximity.

  • Vehicle safety

    All road rules are to be complied with while on CBH sites, including those relating to mobile phones, safe operating and braking of vehicles, and correct licensing and permitting of drivers and vehicles. When using the CDF app on site, ensure your vehicle is stationary with the park brake applied.

    When tipping, we ask that you follow the CBH rules outlined in the harvest handbook covering grid operations.  Specifically, we request that you ensure you can see any staff controlling grid operations before commencing tipping or moving your truck.

  • Electronic mobile devices

    Handheld operation of electronic mobile devices is not permitted when driving a vehicle. When using CBH-approved applications on electronic devices while in a vehicle at a CBH site, the vehicle/equipment must be stationary (all wheels are stationary and park brake is applied) prior to using the device.

  • Alcohol and drugs

    As part of a safe working environment, you must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on a CBH site.

  • Pedestrians

    Please watch out for pedestrians while driving through a site, especially before moving your vehicle and driving around buildings and storages.

  • Smoking

    Grain dust is explosive and smoking near grain storages is extremely hazardous and prohibited. If you must smoke, please ask the Site Manager for the location of a designated smoking area and adhere to their instructions.

  • Hazards

    CBH is committed to preventing hazardous situations and encourages everyone to be responsible for safety. All hazards and incidents should be promptly reported to the Site Manager.

  • Passengers

    All passengers, particularly children and animals, are required to remain in the vehicle while at receival sites unless instructed by CBH personnel.

  • Night operations

    When delivering at night, please watch out for people hidden in shadows and low-light areas while driving. Always remain close to your vehicle when not operating.

  • Rail movements

    Please follow all instructions from CBH personnel in relation to rail wagon movements. Look out for rail traffic and abide by warning and directive signs. Care must be taken when crossing rail lines within receival sites or depots.

  • Unsafe vehicles

    CBH personnel will not sample trucks that pose a risk to their health or safety.

  • Fumigation

    Please follow instructions from fumigators and observe all fumigation signage at site. At no time can you enter a storage under fumigation or an exclusion zone that is in place (marked as a high-risk area cordoned off with cones, signs or tape for fumigation activities).

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