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Grower outturn grain

If you are a grower and have delivered grain to CBH, you may request to outturn the grain for your own purposes such as stockfeed.

If you do not have unsold 'warehoused' grain, you can purchase grain to outturn from Marketing and Trading, or another marketer.

The process for each of these options is detailed below, along with important information you need to know when considering your options.

For Exporters, please visit for our Export and Shipping Services page for information on buying grain from CBH.

Outturn grain

Growers can outturn warehoused grain from our Domestic Priority Sites at a standard fee.

The Domesitc Priority Sites are Carnamah, Calingiri, Avon, MGC, Quairading, Corrigin, Narrakine and Wagin. If growers request to outturn grain from non-Domestic Priority Sites, a price on application will be provided.

Please see our Fees and Charges page for more information.

  1. Log into LoadNet and complete a Site Outturn Request under the Nomination Tab.
  2. Once the request has been approved, you will be contacted by the CBH Domestics team with confirmation on an email.
    The email will confirm:
    1. a contract release number, which you will need to provide when you pick up your grain.
    2. the outturn period
    3. contact details for the site for you to arrange pick up prior to the outturn expiry date.

The CBH Domestics Operations team can be contacted on (08) 9237 9792 if you have not received a confirmation of your request within 48 hours of submission.

Notice period – requests are required 10 business days prior to the date on which the outturn is proposed to commence.  

Movements – warehoused grain may move from the original site of delivery. Where movements occur, you are responsible for any freight costs incurred for that movement. 

Freight – charges will be based on the freight differential between the receival site and the outturn site. Freight rates are published on the website and subject to change. 

Shrink – the applicable shrinkage rate for the commodity will be applied prior to outturn. The total net quantity of warehoused tonnage will then be available for outturn.

Quality - quality will be outturned to receival standards for the requested grade. Testing will apply to aggregate tonnes outturned for the day and not individual loads. If outturn is required for optimised loads, a request to un-optimise the loads must be made as part of the outturn request, as detailed on the form. 

Grain collection – once an outturn date and site is agreed, CBH will transfer the requested tonnage into warehouse ownership for outturn. Please book an outturn day/time with the CBH Site Contact Person, which will be provided on the Outturn Request confirmation email. The contract and release number must also be provided to site staff when grain is collected. This information can be found on the confirmation email.

Outturn Expiry - each request for Outturn will be allocated an Expiry Date based on the Outturn Site activities. After the Expiry Date has passed, the associated contract/release number will be invalid. Grain must be outturned by the Expiry Date or the outturn site may be changed at CBH’s discretion. If outturns are not fully completed within the timeframes provided, CBH will transfer any residual amount of ‘warehouse account’ tonnes back to your un-nominated entitlement. If further outturn is required, you will need to submit a new outturn request.

Carry over - any grain kept in warehousing after 31 July will have carry-over charges applied to each tonne for each month that it remains in storage.

Charges - all outturn charges will be invoiced to the grower directly by CBH.

All grower outturns are performed in accordance with the current  CBH Delivery and Warehousing Terms.

Purchase grain from Marketing and Trading

You can purchase grain from Marketing and Trading.

When purchasing grain from Marketing and Trading for outturn, available sites for outturn will be determined by CBH Operations.

  1. Contact the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083 for pricing and availability.
  2. Once a sale has been agreed a contract will be provided (via email). Please note for first time buyers this will take up to 24 hours.
  3. Once the contract has been finalised, you can request the outturn via email to
    This outturn request must be submitted by 4pm WST on Monday for outturns in the following week.
  4. All accounts must satisfy all credit requirements (Prepayment or Credit accounts) by 5pm WST in the week prior to outturn before a CMO (Commodity Movement Order) is released via email. The CMO number will be needed for your outturn booking. Payment processing can take between 24-48 hours depending on bank processing times.

Notice period – please allow a minimum of five (5) business days from enquiry to outturn. 

Grain availability – outturns are available from the Domestic Priority Sites, or other sites as determined by CBH. Not all grains will be available at all sites. Individual site requests cannot be considered.

The terms of sale will be detailed on your contract.