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Crop estimates

Crop estimates are the first step towards CBH providing growers with the services they need for harvest.

Estimates are also critical to CBH in planning for efficient receivals, monitoring harvest progress and site performance and the future investment into the network.

Grower obligations

  • It is a requirement under the Bulk Handling Act 1967 Regulation 11(1) for growers to provide their grain delivery estimate to CBH each year.
  • At a minimum this includes the farm property location, arable and sown hectares, commodity and variety, and preferred delivery site/s.
  • We rely on grower support and co-operation by providing their estimate so we can continue to provide optimal services across the entire supply chain from inloading to outloading operations.

How to provide an estimate

CBH has developed a farm mapping and estimates tool for growers called Paddock Planner.

Provide your crop estimation through Paddock Planner which is found in LoadNet.

Using the tool, growers can keep their property information up to date, map their farms and enter their crop plans for each paddock including delivery intentions.

This information then syncs directly to your CDF App for harvest deliveries, making sure farm employees and contractors have access to the right information when delivering to CBH sites.

We ask that you provide your crop plans as early as possible and latest by 31 July each year. This ensures our Operations team has early indications of potential limitations and emergency storage requirements as well as helps us advise you of site and segregation plans to growers as early as possible.

How CBH uses grower estimates

All grower crop estimates are collated according to the operational area and nearest sites where each property is located.

CBH then determines yields, monitors the seasonal conditions making adjustments to create site and segregation plans required for harvest.

Once initial plans are determined, growers are advised which sites and segregations are intended to be offered for harvest. These can be viewed online through LoadNet Paddock Planner and are also shared at pre-harvest meetings before being finalised.

For more detailed information on what we do with estimates, log in to LoadNet to read the updated Estimates Collection Statement.

  • Protecting growers’ privacy

    CBH is committed to protecting grower’s personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. Read our Privacy Policy.

    Individual estimates information is not shared with any traders or marketers, including CBH’s own Marketing and Trading department, and does not sell information to any third party.

    Growers are able to give permission to another person or organisation (i.e. advisor, consultant or accountant) to access their account and information. These permissions can be reviewed and updated at any time in LoadNet.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to the most common questions about crop estimates and Paddock Planner in our FAQs section
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