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Just by submitting your crop estimate this year you'll go into the draw to win a trip to the 2015 AFL Grand Final!
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harvest recruitment
Applications are now open for casual harvest positions. Visit our careers website to find out how to apply.
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2015 Photo Competition

Entries are open for our 2015 photo competition. The theme this year is "Life in the Wheatbelt".
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ProtectionPlus Open Today Only

Market conditions have allowed us to open the ProtectionPlus pool and protect a price of $300 FIS. The ProtectionPlus wheat pool secures your bottom line, then uses low risk option strategies to gain benefit from price rallies. Every year the ProtectionPlus pool has operated it has always beaten its price to protect - the average out-performance has been $54.76 per tonne. 

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07 Jul CBH Group

The CBH/Plum Grove ProtectionPlus Pool is open today only! Market conditions have allowed us to open this pool for a limited time and protect ... read more

02 Jul CBH Group

The Avon silos got a make-over this year. Check out this amazing video to see how it unfolded.

02 Jul CBH Group

The CBH Photo Competition is now open for 2015! This year's theme is "Life in the Wheatbelt". Get your entry in today at:

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06 Jul @cbhgroup

The @cbhgroup Photo Competition is open now. Great prizes to be won!

02 Jul @cbhgroup

The Avon silos got a make-over this year. Thanks @formwa for sharing this incredible video.

02 Jul @cbhgroup

You could get to the 2015 Grand Final, just by filling our your estimates. Competition details here: