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Blending services

We offer a range of custom blends

We use trace elements including copper, zinc, manganese sulphate and sodium molybdate as well as the option to include Flutriafol (fungicide). 
We offer on-site blending services using the LAYCO DW Automated Blending System which is the latest technology for high speed precision blending in the fertiliser industry.

The blending system utilises load cells and advanced software to monitor the loss in weight from each hopper metering the fertiliser quickly and uniformly during the blending process.   

The LAYCO DW Automated System is designed to blend at speeds up to 250MT/HR while maintaining a consistent accuracy of more than 99.5% for dispensed fertiliser weights.

The LAYCO-PRO Automation monitors the loss in weight to ensure blend ratios are maintained and will pause the system if blend accuracy is compromised. Adding to the simplicity of the blending process, the operator simply enters the selected blend formulation and the tonnage required for the load.