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Community investment

CBH is committed to the sustainability and vitality of Western Australian grain growing communities through a range of partnerships.
Our partnerships

CBH supports many groups, organisations and providers each year to deliver services, events and opportunities to people living in our grain growing communities.

Through our Community Investment Fund, we aim to invest at least $1.5 million annually to support the areas of regional leadership development, health and wellness, arts and culture, and sports and recreation.

We also seek to support communities with grass roots community grants as well as our agricultural industry as a whole.

About our partnerships

Our Community Investments Partnerships:

  • Fit with CBH's purpose, values and behaviour
  • Contribute to the vitality, development, well-being and/or safety of grain growing regions
  • Promote a positive image of agricultural industry and as an employer
  • Have value, relevance and credibility to our growers, customers, CBH and/or its employees
  • Promote the development of future community and industry leaders

In order to meet our Community Investment objectives, it is CBH policy not to fund the following:

  • Requests from individual persons
  • Requests from teams to participate in or travel to event
  • Fundraising events or individual or team requests which are focused on fundraising for a third party
  • Indirect fundraising activities, i.e. charity days, signage, advertising
  • 100% of the costs of any project
  • Religious purposes
  • Government entities
  • Public or private companies
  • Political groups, parties or donations
  • Projects or events related to gambling or gambling related activities 
  • Events or projects which may encourage unsafe behavior
  • Administration costs or activities requiring ongoing operating funds that create financial dependency of the CBH Group
  • Groups/events that do not directly benefit grain growing regions

Community sponsorship

Community groups and clubs seeking sponsorship opportunities with CBH should visit our Grass Roots Community Grants page, where more information is available.

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