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Fertiliser overview

In 2015, CBH entered the Western Australian bulk granular fertiliser market with the aim of encouraging a more competitive domestic fertiliser market to reduce growers’ on-farm costs. 

The development of the fertiliser business as commercial venture has also helped diversify the CBH business revenue stream.
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A green tractor spreads urea fertiliser in a paddock

 CBH Fertiliser aims to:

  • Reduce market prices through increased competition
  • Provide growers with access to cost effective, bulk granular fertiliser
  • Provide high quality products on a consistent basis.

CBH worked with consultants and industry experts to select our base granular fertiliser product range. These products are already being used in Western Australia and have a track record of success in our growing conditions.

We offer a range of fertiliser products for cropping and pasture and offer on-site custom blending to produce a range of custom blends with the use of trace elements.

Farmer John Young, Calingiri

Fertiliser team

  • Drew Maughan
    Fertiliser Area Manager, South

    Originally from a large cereal and sheep farming enterprise north of Merredin, Drew joined CBH Fertiliser in 2022 after five years as an Area Manager at CSBP. Prior to this he was involved in the industrial/agricultural supply industry for 25 years. Drew is passionate about Western Australian agriculture and growers soil nutritional needs.

  • Troy Conley
    Fertiliser Area Manager, North

    Troy joined CBH Fertiliser in 2019 coming directly from a position as Regional Sales Manager at Macrofertil. He has 20 years’ experience working in the WA fertiliser industry including previous roles at Landmark and CSBP. He is a Muresk Agribusiness graduate with a strong background in nutritional agronomy as well as fertiliser sales.

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