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Fertiliser overview

In 2015, CBH entered the Western Australian bulk granular fertiliser market with the aim of encouraging a more competitive domestic fertiliser market to reduce growers’ on-farm costs. 

The development of the fertiliser business as commercial venture has also helped diversify the CBH business revenue stream.
A green tractor spreads urea fertiliser in a paddock

 CBH Fertiliser aims to:

  • Reduce market prices through increased competition
  • Provide growers with access to cost effective, bulk granular fertiliser
  • Provide high quality products on a consistent basis.

CBH worked with consultants and industry experts to select our base granular fertiliser product range. These products are already being used in Western Australia and have a track record of success in our growing conditions.

We offer a range of fertiliser products for cropping and pasture and offer on-site custom blending to produce a range of custom blends with the use of trace elements.

Farmer John Young, Calingiri

Fertiliser team

  • David Pritchard
    David Pritchard
    Fertiliser Business Manager

    David is an experienced business manager and has spent most of his career working in agriculture with a focus on grain. Having been raised on a farm in WA, David has a deep understanding of WA grower’s needs. David worked in previous roles at Riverina and Plum Grove before joining CBH for the launch of CBH Fertiliser in 2015.

  • Suzanne Butter
    Suzanne Butter
    Fertiliser Area Manager - South

    Suzanne has spent the past 12 years working in agriculture with experience in the animal nutrition/feedlot business. Prior to joining CBH, Suzanne spent two years working at Macrofertil. She has a degree in Agricultural Science and is Fert Care B and C accredited and has a keen interest in soil sciences and the agriculture industry as a whole.

  • Troy Conley
    Troy Conley
    Fertiliser Area Manager – North

    Troy joined CBH Fertiliser in 2019 coming directly from a position as Regional Sales Manager at Macrofertil. He has 20 years’ experience working in the WA fertiliser industry including previous roles at Landmark and CSBP. He is a Muresk Agribusiness graduate with a strong background in nutritional agronomy as well as fertiliser sales.

  • Questions?
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