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Contractor Safety

Safety is a common fibre that links our whole business. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment for all employees and contractors.
Two people in hard hats inspecting a switch board

As a valued contractor, registration and pre-qualification are the essential first steps towards working with us. Being registered shows your commitment and evidence to satisfying our health, safety, and environment standards.

The Contractor Pre-qualification process may be initiated by:

  • CBH Group Contract Managers contacting you with a new contract work requirement
  • Contracting companies interested in registering to tender

For more information, download the Contractor Management Minimum Requirements Standard.

COVID-19 site and office entry requirements

As you may know, the State Government recently announced mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for various industries. 

Based on the current information available, CBH will be included within the “Remaining port operations”, “Remaining commercial transport, freight or logistics” and/or “Critical infrastructure and services” groups or Group 2

As a result, CBH is required to follow the Government’s direction on mandating the COVID-19 vaccine and hamade the vaccination a condition of entry to all CBH sites and offices. 

Therefore, under the Government mandate all CBH employees, contractors, growers and visitors will need to have received their first COVID-19 vaccination dose by 12.01am on 31 December 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 12.01am 31 January 2022 in order to enter a CBH site or office, including Head Office.

As a valued CBH contractor, from 31 December 2021, any of your employees who enter our premises are required to comply with the WA Government’s conditions.

CBH kindly asks that you take steps to ensure that any personnel you employ (either directly or indirectly) who wish to enter a CBH premise have provided proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status to you. 

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, please click here

  • Business registration and pre-qualification

    To undertake contract work for CBH, your business is required to be registered and approved in Sitepass, our online contractor management tool. You need to complete the following:

    • A self-assessment of your management plan (if required depending on risk class) and high-risk activities against our CBH Safety Standards applicable to your intended work scope
    • Your businesses HSE History (Injury Frequency rates)
    • HSE Cultural Assessment Questionnaire
    • A risk assessment for each scope of work

    A designated CBH Contract Manager will then review this documentation and approve and/or liaise as required for more information. If you haven’t been designated a CBH Contract Manager, contact your local CBH office for more information.

    In the event a contractor is unable to meet a certain requirement of this questionnaire, CBH may work with the contracting company to implement an action plan to meet these standards.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to complete the registration, download the Contractor Business Registration Guide.

  • I have been awarded work – what next?

    Contractors are responsible for providing a scope specific risk assessment in Sitepass, as well as ensuring all contractor staff are registered, inducted and relevant licences are provided in Sitepass prior to mobilisation (inclusive of any sub-contractors).

    This process ensures your staff have the requisite knowledge of CBH specific policies and procedures whilst performing work for us, as well as the CBH specific risks they need to know and manage whilst on site.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to complete this process, download the Contractor Employee Registration and Management Guide.

  • Procedures, policies and standards that are applicable to contractors

    Alcohol and Drug Procedure
    The drug and alcohol standards, requirements and testing regime applies to all CBH employees and contractors.

    Critical Risk Control Group Procedure
    The Critical Risk Control (CRC) Group Procedure provides the mandatory controls that shall be implemented for tasks involving critical risks, which is crucial in preventing or mitigating the consequences of a high severity risk. All personnel working on CBH sites are required to understand our Critical Risks and how they are managed so we can achieve our safety mission: that everyone returns home safely at the end of every day.

    Incident Management Procedure
    The Incident Management Procedure provides the mandatory requirements to support implementation and conformance with the Health and Safety element of the CBH Integrated Management System (IMS) and guidance on how incidents are reported, investigated and corrective actions implemented to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

    Road Haulage Code
    The Road Haulage Code has been developed to assist transporters to comply with the hygiene and traceability requirements for grain moved by Road for the CBH Group within the CBH network.

    Health, Safety and Environment Standards for contractors
    The CBH Group has a Principal Standard for Health, Safety and Environment Standards for all contractors. The Principal expects the contractor to develop its Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan (HSEMP) to clearly demonstrate how compliance with these requirements will be achieved.

    Environment Management Standard
    The Environment Management Standard is a set of mandatory minimum environmental management requirements that apply to all CBH Group activities.

    Life Saving Rules
    Our Life Saving Rules are designed to protect your safety.