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Supplying to CBH

At CBH, we value the continuous support of our suppliers and contractors who provide quality goods and services that our business requires in a timely and safe manner.
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CBH aims to work with suppliers who have high standards of safety, quality, capacity and performance. CBH may elect to review a supplier's capabilities before agreeing to do business.

The pre-qualification process includes a review of the supplier's:

  1. Safety policies, plans and performance;
  2. Quality and technical capabilities;
  3. Financial depth and performance;
  4. Commercial competence, and if applicable; and
  5. A pre-qualification audit of the supplier's premises.

Expression of Interest

If your business is interested in becoming a CBH supplier, please register by completing the Supplier Self-Registration Form.

Upon completing the Supplier Self-Registration Form, you will receive an automated email notification from the CBH Ariba Network inviting you to complete a questionnaire. For further information on how to register, please access the Ariba Supplier Registration Guide.

Registration to the Ariba Network provides CBH with vital market information and visibility of prospective suppliers/contractors. If your business is not an existing CBH supplier or contractor, it does not automatically qualify your business to become a supplier or contractor to the CBH Group, nor does it guarantee you the opportunity to formally quote or participate in a tender for work or an introduction to supply chain personnel.

SAP generated and manual Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

For any RFQ issued by our SAP system or manually through a CBH representative, please refer to our SAP RFQ Terms and Conditions, which includes the terms and conditions that govern the quotation process. View and download the SAP RFQ Terms and Conditions

Purchase orders

CBH requests that all purchases of goods or services are supported by a Purchase Order and a formal contract where necessary. Invoices will only be processed for payment if there is a valid CBH Purchase Order noted on the invoice.

When supplying goods and services to CBH where no contract is in place for the work, the CBH Purchase Order Terms and Conditions shall apply. Please note that CBH will not accept the supplier's terms and conditions that may be attached to a quotation, consignment note or any other documents.

If you receive a Purchase Order associated to a current and valid contract or agreement with CBH, then the terms and conditions of the contract or agreement shall supersede the CBH Purchase Order terms and conditions. If you are unsure, please email us at

Transacting with CBH over the Ariba Network (supplier training and education materials)

Visit the Supplier Education Materials Portal to download reference guides, information packs, and training material to help you transact with CBH over the Ariba Network.

Privacy Policy

Please also read and understand our Privacy Policy. 
CBH Group Privacy Policy.

How to request a call from the Ariba helpdesk

Need to speak to someone over the phone? Here's a step by step guide and video on how to request a call back from the Ariba help desk.

This guide also goes through a number of common issues such as problems with your forgotten password, or if you need to reassign Ariba Administrator access due to an employee leaving the company.