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Deferred Sales Pool

The Deferred Sales Pool objective

The primary objective of the Deferred Sales Pool is to outperform the average of cash prices over the deferred selling window. The pool is expected to primarily utilise available export capacity from October 2023 onwards to gradually sell down physical stocks on a deferred sales schedule. Accordingly, it is expected that the majority of physical sales are likely to occur from April 2023 onwards.

This also means a later finalisation date, which we are currently anticipating as July 2024.

In order to achieve the objective, pool management is mandated to utilise prescribed limits to implement commodity and foreign exchange trading strategies designed to deliver value-add and/or value-protective strategies as deemed necessary to complement the deferred sales program.


  • Interest Rate
    Interest Rate - 6.14%
  • Guaranteed Access
    Guaranteed Access contract available to secure your tonnes in the Deferred Sales Pool.
  • Payment
    Five flexible payment methods to suit the needs of your farm business.
  • Wheat Quality
    Wheat - applicable grades will receive quality payments for protein, screenings and moisture.
  • Canola Quality
    Canola - eligible tonnes will receive quality payments for oil.
  • Delivery
    Delivery between 5 December and the pool closure date.


2022/23 Pool Fact Sheets

The Pool Fact Sheets provide a snapshot of all the essential information relating to individual pools including EPR changes throughout harvest, current interest rates, the rates used for pool payments during the harvest period (NEPR) and an estimation of costs to deduct from pool payments.