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A close up shot of golden heads of wheat

High-quality, pure growing environment

Australian wheat has a reputation globally for being high-quality, clean and green. In Western Australia wheat is grown across the entire grainbelt, and is valued for its performance across a range of food products including bread and noodles.

Western Australia accounts for the highest volume of wheat exports out of Australia and exclusively produces the sought-after Noodle varieties which are prized throughout Asia for their unique processing properties which result in bright, white, soft and creamy noodles.

  • Australian Hard

    A superior white wheat with excellent milling qualities and strong, stable dough characteristics.

    11.5% minimum or 13% minimum protein

    Summary of grade
    Australian Hard is clean, dry and sound, ensuring the production of high-quality flours at high extraction rates. The flour derived from Australian Hard is suitable for the production of a wide range of breads including European-style pan, hearth and a variety of bread products. It is also particularly suited to the production of Middle Eastern flat breads, Chinese steamed bread and Chinese-style alkaline noodles.

  • Australian Premium White

    An extremely valuable multi-purpose grain that is well suited to a wide range of end-uses.

    10.0% minimum or 10.5% minimum protein

    Summary of grade
    Australian Premium White (APW) is a blend of white hard-grained wheat varieties selected to ensure high milling performance and consistent flour quality. The minimum 10% -10.5% protein level and hard grain characteristic of Australian Premium White ensures free milling and excellent extraction rates. Australian Premium White flour is suitable for a wide range of products including varieties of Asian noodles such as Hokkien, instant and fresh noodles. It is also ideally suitable for the production of Middle Eastern and Indian-style breads and Chinese steamed bread.

  • Australian Premium White Noodle

    APWN is a premium hard grained specialty wheat commonly used in blending with ANW to produce a range of noodles including Udon and instant.

    10.0% to 11.5% protein

    Summary of grade
    The quality characteristics for APWN are similar to ANW, except that APWN is hard grained. These quality characteristics include high flour extraction with low ash levels, creamy flour colour, bright and white noodle sheet colour with a minimal loss of brightness over time. The APWN grade has processing characteristics fully compatible with APWN and is currently a grade unique to Western Australia.

  • Australian Standard White

    The Australian Standard White class consists of hard, white grained wheat varieties and provides excellent value for milling or as a blending wheat.

    No minimum protein requirement

    Summary of grade
    ASW is used for a range of baked products including Middle Eastern, Iranian and Indian style breads. It is also suitable for steamed bread products and instant noodles. ASW can also be incorporated into noodle blends to achieve a softer texture.

  • Australian Noodle Wheat

    ANW varieties must meet specific quality requirements for udon noodles, including flour colour, colour stability and excellent mouthfeel.

    9.5% to 11.5% protein

    Summary of grade
    ANW makes white salted noodles with a bright appearance and a stable creamy, white colour with a soft and elastic mouthfeel. The noodle texture is highly regarded for udon noodle production. ANW is primarily produced in Western Australia with small quantities available in eastern Australia (usually under contract). Australian noodle wheat classes are typically exported in blends with APWN wheat rather than exported as pure classes.