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Sustainable grain

A sun sets in the corner of a canola filled paddock

Providing for an increasing demand in sustainable food products

Consumers around the world are more aware of the origins of their food, and there is increasing demand for sustainably produced food products, including products made from grain. We are well placed to meet this demand with Australia’s ability to produce sustainably grown and internationally accredited grain.

Our Marketing and Trading team is working closely with our customers to find opportunities to secure new markets to export sustainable grain. We certify our sustainable grain as part of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification program (ISCC)

The ISCC program is an internationally recognised sustainability accreditation system. Certifications like ISCC are increasingly becoming a prerequisite for sustainable sourcing strategies of major multinational food manufacturing companies.

Over the last ten years through the ISCC EU certification, over 10 million tonnes of Western Australian sustainable-accredited canola have been exported to the European biofuels market.

ISCC sustainability certifications

Now as a further step, we’ve expanded our ISCC sustainability certification to barley, wheat, lupins and oats through the ISCC PLUS accreditation, with several shipments of sustainable-certified barley and oats already shipped to customers. There are multiple advantages for CBH to participate in the ISCC PLUS program - we have a 100% audit success rate, growers are familiar with the system, and there is international recognition of ISCC as a global benchmarked sustainability accreditation system. If growers are already participating in the ISCC EU program, they are automatically certified for ISCC PLUS for their other commodities.

Looking into the future, we see demand for sustainable products only increasing, and so we are very motivated to identify and develop new market opportunities for WA grain to ensure the long-term success of Western Australian farming.

Sustainable grain at CBH