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Buy grain from CBH

When you buy Australian grain from CBH you are buying direct from some of the world’s best farmers.
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Why buy Australian grain?

Our customers benefit from unmatched access to the stable supply of safe, quality assured grain from Australia, one the world's purest environments.

As one of Australia's largest acquirers of grain, CBH Marketing and Trading is a leading exporter of wheat, barley, canola and lupins.

CBH’s highly qualified marketing and trading teams are able to source grain from all of Australia’s major grain producing regions, as well as from international origins, enhancing the capacity to deliver security of supply and a full suite of grain types and volumes to meet customer needs.

The team has access to information on markets, foreign exchange rates, customers, competitors and climate, around the clock to ensure pricing reflects current market conditions.

Technical Quality Support

We offer pre-sale and post-sale service to grain buying customers to ensure you understand the quality of the Australian grain you are receiving in your shipments.

The technical marketing services team can offer customers:

  • Post-harvest crop quality reports to look at downstream functional attributes of the crop
  • Research and development projects looking at individual customer requirements to determine certain quality characteristics or specific varieties which offer a difference end-product performance
  • The opportunity to work collaboratively to assist in sourcing multi-origin grain quality to meet requirements.

We have dedicated technical experts to assist customers with specific quality requirements and to discuss current crop quality expectations.

Please select a link below for information on how to buy grain from CBH depending on your circumstances. 

  • International grain customers

    CBH Marketing and Trading Perth

    CBH Group Hong Kong
    Regional Manager
    Wilson Kong
    P +85 2 2865 1288
    F +85 2 2865 2588

    CBH Group Japan
    Regional Manager
    Mike Karube
    P +81 3 6435 0427
    F +81 3 6435 0428

  • Western Australian growers seeking to outturn warehoused grain

    Once grain has been delivered to a CBH site, it remains in warehousing until it is nominated (sold) to a grain marketer or you can elect to outturn the grain for your own purposes.

    For growers seeking to outturn warehoused grain, log into LoadNet and complete a Site Outturn Request under the Nomination Tab.

    If you outturn grain from a Domestic Priority Site, a standard fee applies. The Domestic Priority Sites are Carnamah, Calingiri, Avon, Metro Grain Centre (MGC), Quairading, Corrigin, Narrakine and Wagin.

    If you request to outturn grain from a non-Domestic Priority Site, a price on application will be provided. For more information on fees and charges, please see the Fees and Rebates Schedule.

    For more information on outturning warehoused grain, visit the Domestic and Export services page.

    If you do not have warehoused grain and you require grain for stockfeed or other purposes, you can purchase grain from CBH Marketing and Trading or another marketer. See Western Australian grower seeking to buy grain.

  • Eastern Australian domestic grain customers
    Please contact CBH Marketing and Trading by email to  
  • Western Australian domestic grain customers

    Outturn services for domestic customers and end-users are available at selected sites within the CBH network.

    CBH aims to provide access to grain for domestic outturns, provided adequate notice has been given. Transport services are also available with freight quotes available on request.

    For customers seeking to use this service, you must be a registered customer of CBH with a Grain Services Agreement in place.

    Once registered, you will be provided with a LoadNet account where you can request an outturn.

    For further information on becoming a registered customer please visit the Register with CBH page or contact Operations Customer Support on

  • Western Australian growers seeking to buy grain

    You can purchase grain from our Domestic Trading Desk in Marketing and Trading if you do not have warehoused grain.

    For growers seeking to buy grain from Marketing and Trading, phone the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083 for pricing and availability. Visit the Grower Outturn Grain page for further information.

    When purchasing grain from Marketing and Trading for outturn, only the Domestic Priority Sites or other sites as determined by Operations are available for outturn. The Domestic Priority Sites are Carnamah, Calingiri, Avon, Metro Grain Centre (MGC), Quairading, Corrigin, Narrakine and Wagin.