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Growers' Advisory Council

A group of people some seated and some standing smiling at camera

The Growers' Advisory Council is comprised of Western Australian grain growers who have a genuine desire and commitment to see CBH continue to develop into Australia's leading grain business. It supports CBH in a range of areas, including:

  • The provision of a formal mechanism for issues raised by growers to be fed back to CBH.
  • Acting as a grower advocacy group so that CBH can better communicate with growers.
  • Considering issues of a strategic nature to the industry.
  • Making appropriate comments and recommendations to CBH Board and management on issues impacting on growers.
GAC members are provided with opportunities to enhance their professional development through training, education and information during their time on the Council, making it an excellent opportunity to contribute to the future of your co-operative while enhancing your own professional development.

How to apply

Councillors are appointed for a four-year term, selected by a panel represented by CBH Directors, GAC Councillors and the CBH management team.

The 16 grower councillors meet four times a year in Perth with reasonable accommodation and travel expenses to attend Council meetings paid for by CBH.

Download GAC Application information and the application form

Watch the video below to hear from former GAC President, Andrew Todd on his experience with the GAC.

GAC Nominations 2017

Current Growers' Advisory Council Members

District One

  • Romina Nicoletti
    Romina Nicoletti 
    Bonnie Rock
  • Noel Heinrich
    Noel Heinrich
  • Tony White
    Tony White
  • A man with light brown hair smiling
    Laurie Butler

District Two

  • Graham Ralph
    Graham Ralph
  • Mick Caughey
    Michael Caughey
  • Steph Clarke
    Stephanie Clarke (Deputy Chair)

District Three

  • Renee Lynch
    Renee Lynch
  • Stephen Strange
    Stephen Strange
    Bruce Rock
  • Craig Doney
    Craig Doney (Chair)

District Four

  • Bruce Trevaskis
    Bruce Trevaskis
  • Gerard Paganoni
    Gerard Paganoni
  • Jeff Stoney
    Jeffrey Stoney

District Five

  • Dan Sanderson
    Daniel Sanderson
  • Andy Chambers
    Andrew Chambers
  • A ma with spiky brown hair smiles at the camera
    Lyndon Mickel