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Founded on the co-operative principles of one-member, one-vote and democratic member control, CBH has maintained these ideals while growing into a leading grain business.
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Generating value for our members

Our strength lies in our member base and our ability to generate value for members across the entire value chain. Our co-operative structure gives our grower members a distinct competitive edge.

Member eligibility

Each member of the co-operative must be an active member, which means:

  1. You must have delivered grain to the co-operative in the same delivery title in either of the last two seasons.
  2. The aggregate of all grain deliveries made to the co-operative in a single delivery title over the past three seasons must be no less than 600 tonnes.
  3. You must have had involvement in the actual production of the grain delivered and not merely be the deliverer for the purposes of receiving the financial proceeds from delivered grain.

Qualifications for membership

  1. Each member of the co-operative must be an active member.
  2. Each member must hold at least one share.
  3. A person is not qualified to be admitted to membership of the co-operative unless there are reasonable grounds for believing the person will be an active member.
  4. In addition, no member may have a relevant interest in more than five shares.

Membership rules

The CBH Rules regulate the relationship between Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd and its grain grower members. The rules have been approved by the Registrar of Co-operatives and members of CBH.

The rules specify the primary activities of CBH and the active membership criteria for becoming and remaining a member of the co-operative. In addition, the rules include provisions regarding the issues of shares, the holding and conduct of general meetings of members and the election and powers of Directors.

  • Interested in becoming a member?

    For more information on becoming a member of the co-operative, contact the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083

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