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Grower Truck initiatives

Truck with trailers

The 2023/24 harvest is smaller than the two previous record-breaking seasons, meaning less grain to export. Accordingly, the volume of grain CBH needs to move to port will also be reduced. 

Consequently, there are limited opportunities available to growers interested in using their truck/s and trailer/s to support CBH’s road outloading program in 2023/24.

Please contact one of our principal road contractors for further information.

  • Subcontract to a current CBH road contractor
    • Growers subcontract to CBH road contractors
    • Contact the following businesses for more details:
      • Geraldton Zone
        • Geraldton Freight Lines on (08) 9071 0500
        • Dunlop Transport on (08) 9923 2616
      • Kwinana Zone
        • Cropline on (08) 9356 9200
        • Marley’s Transport on (08) 9410 4600
      • Albany Zone
        • Albany Freight Lines on (08) 9071 0500
        • Southern Regional Transport (SRT) on 0427 443 099
      • Esperance Zone
        • Esperance Freight Lines on (08) 9071 0500
        • OD Transport on (08) 9071 1288.

Truck Hygiene

Please ensure your trailers are cleaned prior to transporting grain.

If you have been transporting fertiliser, it may have been treated with flutriafol, a fungicide used to protect plant seedlings from leaf diseases.

Flutriafol dust and residue can contaminate grain if it is left in a truck trailer. Agricultural chemicals can be detected on grain at very low levels due to technological advances in testing equipment, so please ensure your equipment is clean.

There are two main methods of effective cleaning:

  1. Sweeping or using compressed air followed by washing is the best option to safeguard grain transport and storage equipment.
  2. Compressed air by itself is also effective, if the fertiliser was dry of any applied liquids at loading.

Please always wear appropriate personal protective equipment.