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Silo sealing on the home straight in Geraldton


A refurbishment program is well advanced at the Terminal which, among other items of work, is receiving a coat of a unique primer-saturant known for its strong moisture resistant barrier and ability to strengthen the surface of the concrete.

The project is part of our Network Investment’s sustaining capital works program, and WA business Kaefer Integrated Services is the lead contractor.

Geraldton Zone Maintenance Superintendent Jamie McMahon said while it’s an extensive refurbishment program, the Terminal is still operating as per normal.

“It’s still a fully operational site, so the storage cells that aren’t getting worked on are still having grain moved in or out. It has meant that we have had to be really rigorous and disciplined with how we work to ensure everyone remains safe,” Jamie said.

“It is satisfying to see a project you are working on have a significant impact on the future of the operations. It’s been a rewarding project and a great opportunity for different teams to collaborate.”

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