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Major upgrade for the Esperance Port Terminal annexe


The annexe is receiving a major upgrade this year as part of the Network Investment's sustaining capital works program.

The original structure – which is 180 metres longer than the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – was built by CBH in 1969.

Under the scope of works, one of the most significant upgrades to the annexe is the new roof, in particular the ventilation and fumigation capability of the structure.

The CBH Project Delivery team found the roofing and cladding system used in Dubai shopping malls can be applied to the annexe and provide a tight seal for fumigation.

"We will be the first, but I don't believe we will be the only people using this design in the future for this purpose. It's efficient, cost effective and simple in its design and application," says Project Manager Hasan Ehdeyhed.

So far Hasan and his team have taken off the old roof, with recladding and reroofing underway before completing electrical upgrades, ducting and recirculation of the facility.

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