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Harvest Report - 4 December


While the pace of grain deliveries has slowed, the CBH Group has received an additional 1.3 million tonnes over the past week bringing the total to 10.5 million tonnes. 

Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw acknowledged that while weather events and harvest bans had slowed deliveries over the past week, harvest was ramping down. 

"With harvest starting to slow down, we will be closing sites and reducing operating hours across the network."

"Please continue to look for messages on the CDF app to confirm site hours."

Despite harvest receivals slowing down, Mr Daw said that November had been a successful month with the team breaking several shipping, rail and road records. 

“Pleasingly, we have broken our November shipping record, with 1.62 million tonnes shipped, beating our previous record of 1.53 million tonnes set last November.”

“In setting this record, the Albany Port also broke their November record, with 278,000 tonnes, surpassing last year's record of 228,000 tonnes.”

"The state-wide November rail record was set with 949,000 tonnes, beating the previous record of 876,000 tonnes set last year."

"In setting this record, Kwinana and Albany also broke their November records with 751,000 tonnes and 109,000 tonnes respectively."

"In addition to this, we also broke the state-wide November road record to port/MGC with 588,000 tonnes, smashing the previous record of 325,000 tonnes set last November. Monthly records were broken in each zone."

"The state-wide November road record to all sites was broken with 727,000 tonnes, surpassing last year's record of 405,000 tonnes." 

"These records are a fantastic achievement and I'd like to congratulate the CBH team, contractors and transporters for their commitment to delivering value for WA growers,” Mr Daw said. 

CBH will continue to use the CDF app to send notifications on the availability of services, including temporary and permanent closures. 

Receival Statistics

CBH Harvest Report - 4 December 2023

Tonnes stated are accurate as of Monday morning, 4 December 2023

Zone Summary

Albany Zone  

  • Thunderstorms across the zone impacted receivals this week with 437,000 tonnes received in the last seven days.
  • Total receivals for the zone is 2,348,000 tonnes.
  • Wheat and barley are still the main commodities being received, with canola slowing down. 
  • All sites will be back open after weather interrupted harvest progress. Despite this, the CBH Gairdner site set a new daily receival record.
  • Average cycle time for the zone is 36.9 minutes. 

Esperance Zone

  • Rainfall across the zone has slowed receivals down this week with approximately 225,000 tonnes being delivered.
  • The total harvest receivals now equates to 2,240,000 tonnes.
  • Wheat is the main commodity being delivered, with both barley and canola coming to an end for most growers. 
  • Cycle times across the zone remain consistent in Areas 18 and 19 at 42 minutes.
  • All sites are still open, however most sites will start to wind down over the coming week, as growers conclude their programs for this year's harvest.

Geraldton Zone

  • The Geraldton zone has received 61,685 tonnes over the past week, bringing total receivals to 1,374,000 tonnes.
  • Cycle times across the zone are sitting at 42.1 minutes. 
  • The only sites that remain open in the zone are Geraldton Terminal, Narngulu, Carnamah, Mingenew, and Moonyoonooka.
    • Some of these sites have now closed on Sundays and have reduced hours. 

Kwinana North Zone

  • The last seven days in the Kwinana North Zone have been impacted by a rain event and several harvest bans.
  • The zone received 226,000 tonnes for the week bringing the year-to-date total to 2,086,000 tonnes, which is about 90 per cent of the estimate.
  • Wheat makes up most of the deliveries.
  • Average cycle time is sitting at 36 minutes. 
  • We have closed a few sites this week with several more to close in the next seven days.

Kwinana South Zone

  • The Kwinana South zone received approximately 100,000 tonnes less than last week, influenced by harvest bans and weather events.
  • Canola receivals have come close to an end, while barley has slowed. Wheat is the main commodity being received.
  • All services are still available somewhere within the zone, though some local services are starting to close.
  • Average zone cycle time is 35.4 minutes. 


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