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Harvest Report - 30 October


Western Australia's harvest is picking up pace with more than 1 million tonnes delivered in to the CBH network last week.

While deliveries are picking up as expected across the zones, it's been a slow build in the Kwinana North zone, which is used to a more rapid pace this time of year. Conversely, the Kwinana South zone is experiencing a much busier time this year than it did last year, reflecting the drier finish to the season.

Harvest in the Esperance zone was slowed by wet weather, while the Albany zone had a strong run for the week. Harvest could be wrapping up for some growers in the northern part of the Geraldton zone in just over a week, while some in the south are only just starting their programs.

CBH Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw said it was pleasing to see a solid pace of harvest across the zones.

"All zones received over 100,000 tonnes last week, signalling harvest picking up across Western Australia as we predicted," Mr Daw said.

"The coming week should see all sites that are expected to open this season open."

"It's good to see all commodities coming into the system, with wheat, canola and barley making up the majority, as we expect this time of year." 

Seasonal conditions for this year have resulted in some areas delivering high protein wheat with screenings above the 5% limit for standard milling grades. 

To ensure growers achieve the maximum value for this grain, CBH has introduced three new utility grades to segregate high protein wheat with ≤10% screenings. These will complement the existing utility grades and will be available as needed in all zones. This is in line with the approach CBH has taken in years with similar seasonal conditions.  

CBH will continue to keep growers updated on sites and services availability using the CDF app during harvest. Growers are encouraged to contact the Grower Service Centre or their Area Manager if they have any questions.

Harvest is a busy time on the roads in regional Western Australia and Mr Daw encouraged all road users to stay vigilant, exercise patience and care when driving this summer.

"Driver distraction, complacency and failing to drive to the road conditions are the main causes of incidents and near misses on our roads and at CBH sites," Mr Daw said.

"We are inloading and still outloading at many sites, which means we’re actively managing vehicle interactions, adjusting speed limits and site signage where relevant. 

"Please exercise caution and prepare for success by removing distractions when you get in the drivers seat."


Table compiling Harvest Receival statistics for Week Ending 29 October

*Tonnes stated are accurate as of Monday morning, 30 October 2023


Zone summaries


Albany Zone

  • This week has seen an increase in receivals with more growers starting their harvest programs.
  • The Lake Grace, Jerramungup and north of Katanning areas are receiving most of the grain.
  • Canola is the main commodity being delivered, with non-GM accounting for about 60%. Small tonnages of barley are starting to be received across the zone with majority making feed barley grade.
  • Most of the sites across the zone are open or will open next week as harvesting programs across the zone commence.

Esperance Zone

  • This week has been a little slow, with up to 5-8mm of rainfall hitting the zone. This has slowed harvest progress down but with some finer weather forecast in the next week, we should see harvest receivals ramp up significantly.
  • The port precinct has been dominated by canola receivals while in Areas 18 and 19, feed barley has been the main commodity received.
  • All sites are open except for Dunn Rock and Shark Lake, which are likely to open in the near future.
  • Zone cycle times are up in the port precinct due to a combination of the last of the old-season crop being shipped and accumulating for the first of our harvest shipping vessels. Site cycle times in Areas 18 and 19 are averaging 45 minutes.

Geraldton Zone

  • Harvest is at mixed rates of completion from the north to south of the Geraldton zone. Some growers in the north of the zone have just over a week to go, while some growers in the south have only started their programs this week.
  • The Geraldton zone is receiving all commodities, however has received greater volumes of canola over the past week than those preceding, reflecting the later readiness of wheat earlier in the piece. 
  • All sites have been open this week. Area managers may look to adjust site opening times going forward in line with daily receivals and consultation with local bin representatives.

Kwinana North Zone

  • Harvest is still slow in the Kwinana North zone, only receiving an average 40,000 tonnes per day at the moment.
  • Canola and barley are making up the majority of receivals, but we are starting to see wheat deliveries now which should increase next week.
  • All sites will be open across the zone next week, with the zone average cycle time currently sitting at 39 minutes.

Kwinana South Zone

  • Receivals have really taken off this week, with more than 100,000 tonnes received in the zone compared to this time last season.
  • Canola is the dominant commodity, with significantly more CAG received so far than CAN.
  • Barley is also a major receival, with approximately 40% of this going malt.
  • Smaller amounts of oats, lupins and wheat have also been received.
  • A variety of sites are now open, with stacks for most services now available.

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