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Welcome to our first Harvest Report for the 2023-24 season


Welcome to the first Harvest Report for the 2023/24 season!

Included in this update is information on the last week's:

  • Operations update
  • Receival statistics for each zone
  • Zone summaries
Harvest is underway across Western Australia, with grain now received in all CBH port zones.

CBH Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw said the majority of sites are expected to open in the coming week.

"To date we have received a total of 680,500 tonnes across the CBH network, with 518,900 tonnes alone received in the past week," Mr Daw said.

"We expect most sites that will open this harvest to open this week, with deliveries to ramp up in the next fortnight.

"For CBH, this year's harvest officially started with 52 tonnes of lupins delivered to the Yuna site on Tuesday 27 September.

"The Geraldton, Kwinana North and Esperance zones are well progressed and have made up the majority of the total deliveries, with harvest in the Kwinana South now underway, and Albany zone starting last week.

"Importantly, our supply chain is operating efficiently and in excellent shape. In the 2022/23 financial year, CBH outturned a record 21.9 million tonnes - the first time in the co-operatives 90-year history.

"Thank you and congratulations to all involved including our growers, employees and contractors who played a crucial role in delivering this result safely, sustainably, and demonstrating our ability to rise to the challenge.

"We plan to continue our increased outloading program during harvest while receiving and storing this year's crop.

"Please stay safe and wishing all our growers a productive, successful harvest."

CBH will continue to keep growers updated on sites and services availability using the CDF app during harvest.

 CBH Harvest Report - 23 October 2023

Tonnes stated are accurate as of Monday morning, 23 October 2023

Albany Zone

  • Harvest has only just started in the Albany zone with nine sites receiving grain.
  • Canola has been the primary commodity delivered, with a few loads of feed barley. 
  • Several key sites opened over the weekend as more growers start their harvest program, with more sites planned to open this week.

Esperance Zone

  • Harvest progress has been reasonably steady in the Esperance zone.
  • Canola, barley and a small amount of field peas have been received.
  • Cycle times are good due to the smaller volume of trucks at this stage of harvest.
  • After some thunderstorm activity on Sunday, the upcoming week looks fine with many more growers anticipated to deliver into the system. 
  • Sites open include Esperance port (Chadwick), Beaumont, Cascades, Munglinup, Grass Patch, Ravensthorpe, Mt Madden, Lake King and Lake Varley. 

Geraldton Zone

  • The Geraldton zone has received over 250,000 tonnes for the year-to-date, with all commodities received. Wheat has made up the majority of deliveries. 
  • All sites planned for taking receivals are now open. 
  • We are receiving significantly less tonnes into more grades than last year due to seasonal conditions affecting yield and quality. We are working hard to provide growers with the services to maximise value in a below average production year. 
  • In 2019 when receivals totalled 1.3 million tonnes, harvest started a week later than 2023/24. It took until 4 November 2019 to receive 250,000 tonnes which we have hit approximately 15 days earlier.

Kwinana North Zone

  • Harvest conditions have been good in the Kwinana North zone, with the exception of harvest bans across the zone on Tuesday stopping deliveries for the afternoon. Conditions look to remain perfect for the next seven to 10 days. 
  • The zone has received mainly canola and barley, with a few loads of wheat, lupins and oats. 
  • 80 per cent of sites in the zone are now open with the remaining to open next week. 
  • With favourable weather conditions over the next 10 days, we could receive approximately 600,000 tonnes before November. 

Kwinana South Zone

  • After a hot and dry few weeks, the season has kicked off with a similar amount of grain already received by the end of October last year. 
  • All areas in Kwinana South zone have now taken grain with the majority in Area 10. 
  • The majority of grain received has been barley and canola. Malt barley is so far even with BFED deliveries. 
  • We are anticipating harvest to really get underway across the zone in the next week. 
  • The Metro Grain Centre (MGC) is now open for deliveries for all services including CAN, CAG, BFED, BASS1, OAT1/2, AWWT, ASW9, APW1, H1 & H2. As of today, deliveries are open from 06:30 with last spear at 21:30. 

Other news

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