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Harvest Report - 27 November



Despite harvest bans and rain delaying some harvest programs across the grain belt, Western Australian growers had an impressive run last week, delivering more than 2.2 million tonnes into the network.

This significant volume was driven by good harvest conditions in the Albany, Kwinana South and Esperance zones, with 676,000, 582,000 and 551,000 tonnes delivered into the system respectively. Total harvest receivals has now reached 9,188,000 tonnes.

Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw said it is likely that sites will begin closing in the Kwinana North zone as growers finish their harvest programs for the year.

"Harvest is all but finished in the Geraldton zone, and some parts of the Kwinana North zone are close to wrapping up," Mr Daw said.

"According to our estimates, we are still expecting approximately another four million tonnes to come in across the network.

"As segregations and sites begin to close, please remember to check the CDF app for service offerings or contact your Area Manager for more information."

Receival Statistics

 A table displaying receival statistics for the week 20 - 26 November

Zone Summaries

Albany Zone  

  • The Albany Zone had a slow start to the week after some rain, but the warmer weather in the later part of the week saw some good tonnes flow in the bins. 
  • The zone has received 1,911,000 tonnes year to date with 676,000 tonnes received in the last seven days.
  • The majority of the grain coming in has been barley, with canola slowing down and more wheat deliveries starting across the zone.
  • All sites are open across the zone.  
  • Pingrup set a new daily record, recieving 9,681.44 tonnes on the 23 November.
  • Average cycle time for the Albany Zone is currently sitting at 37.1 minutes. 

Esperance Zone

  • Favourable weather conditions saw the Esperance zone take its most significant week of receivals, massing 551,00 tonnes in total.  
  • Wheat made up the majority of last week's deliveries, with barley the second highest. Canola has started to taper off, with most of the tonnes being delivered into the port. Lupins and Field Peas remain low in tonnage.
  • All sites remain open, however some segregations have been consolidated and closed at sites. 
  • Average cycle times in Areas 18 and 19 is approximately 42.5 minutes.
  • Many growers are finishing up and we are likely to see receivals taper off rapidly over the following fortnight, however this may be pushed out with patchy rain expected across the zone at the start of this week.

Geraldton Zone 

  • The Geraldton zone has received 1,314,000 tonnes, surpassing the 1,200,000 tonnes estimated by CBH for the year. 
  • The Yuna, Northampton and Mullewa sites are closed.
  • Arrino, Perenjori and Morawa sites will close this week.
  • Opening hours have been reduced at Mingenew and Carnamah.
  • Geraldton Grain Terminal, Moonyoonooka and Narngulu are all still open, but will close on Sundays and will have reduced hours.
  • Average cycle times for the zone sitting at 42.4 minutes.   

Kwinana North Zone

  • The Kwinana North zone received 378,000 tonnes in the last seven days bringing the year-to-date total receivals to 1,860,000 tonnes, which is 75% of the total estimate. 
  • The zone was impacted by two days of harvest bans last week.
  • Wheat is the main commodity being delivered now, with only small amounts of canola and barley.
  • Some sites have started shutting and it is expected more will shut over the next seven days.
  • Average zone cycle time for the Kwinana North zone is 36.7 minutes.

Kwinana South Zone

  • Despite harvest bans across most of the Kwinana South zone, it was the biggest week of receivals by far the season, taking in 582,000 tonnes.
  • Canola receivals have significantly decreased, while barley and wheat receivals continue to increase.
  • Protein in wheat continues to average higher than expected.
  • Average zone cycle time is 39.8 minutes.

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