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Change to barley screenings measure for 2021/22 harvest


The GIWA receival standard for barley has changed for the 2021/22 harvest, to update the procedure for measuring screenings and retention.

Traditionally the procedure involved measuring a half-litre sample, screening it via a 2.5mm barley screen and weighing the material below the screen as “screenings”. The limit was maximum 20% for Malt 1. This procedure was unique to Western Australia, resulting in a misalignment of results and procedure to the national and international standards.

Last year, the GIWA Barley Council supported the phased in approach for the use of ‘retention’ and 2.2mm screenings, which was implemented during the 2020/21 harvest. The phased in approach involved measuring both the traditional 2.5mm screenings, and the retention (the inverse of screenings), while capturing 2.2mm screenings at the port terminals and Esperance zone sites for information only.

We provided all available 2.2mm data to export customers last year to good feedback. The 2.2mm screenings results are a base international standard, giving customers confidence to trade WA barley earlier in the season, instead of waiting for secured samples and test results as they did previously. 

For this year, the new testing procedure capturing 2.2mm screenings will be implemented across all sites and sample locations in the network.

Receival Standard limits will be updated as:

NOTE: Not all grades are available at all sites MALT1 BFED1/BFDEC
Retention (minimum % of 1/2L)  80  No Limit
 2.5mm BARLEY SCREEN (40 shakes) - all material remaining on top of the screen is captured as retention
 2.2mm Screenings (maximum % of 1/2L)  No Limit  No Limit
 2.2mm BARLEY SCREEN (40 shakes) - all material in the bottom tray

The change is illustrated in the picture below:

A graphic showing a sampling screen and tray

  • The material at the bottom of the tray below a 2.2mm screen is captured as “screenings”
  • The material on top of the 2.5mm screen is captured as ‘retention’
  • There will be a measured and reported “2.2mm screenings” with no limits for any grade
  • There will be no reported “2.5mm screenings” as there was last year

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