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Harvest ramps up with 7 sites setting new daily receival records


As a result of improved weather conditions, most growers across the state have finally experienced some good harvesting conditions. 

Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw said that it was pleasing to hear reports of higher yield expectations across some zones and that combined with better weather conditions had led to CBH breaking several site receival records over the past week. 

“Over the past week, we have seen an increase in daily tonnages and we are now receiving in excess of 425,000 tonnes per day, with over 7 sites setting new daily receival records”.

“Pleasingly, a lot of these tonnages have been received at sites seamlessly which is a testament to our frontline and maintenance teams who remain calm under the pressure of harvest, as well as the investments that we have made into our assets and infrastructure.”

Mr Daw also reminded growers that although it is an exciting time of year, CBH is encouraging everyone to stay safe.   

“We are reminding growers and transporters to drive to the roads conditions and that the maximum site speed limit is 20km an hour and 5km an hour over grids or pedestrian traffic areas.”

A breach of site safety rules may result in penalties, prohibiting you or your vehicle from entering a CBH site.”

Please slow down so everyone can remain safe this harvest.”


CBH Harvest Report - 28 November 2022

 Zone Summary

Albany Zone

- Most of the Albany Zone has seen some good harvesting weather, which has seen 506,900 tonnes delivered for the week with a zone total of 767,000 tonnes. Daily records were broken at Wellstead and Hyden.  

- Majority of the grain received is canola and barley with some wheat being delivered in the northern part of the zone. 

- Grain quality has been good across the board with yields better than expected in some areas. 

- All sites in the zone are open and receiving grain, with the cycle time sitting at 40.9 minutes 


Esperance Zone

- The weather has finally started to improve across the Esperance Zone with 464,000 tonnes received for the week. 

- All grades are now being received with the dominate grains still canola and barley. Wheat tonnages are also increasing across the zone.  

- As a result of the weather events over the past month, we are monitoring the situation and adjusting our planning should extra segregations be required.   

- Cycle times are sitting at 55 minutes with all sites now open in the zone. 

Geraldton Zone

- The Geraldton Zone has received a total of 2,137,000 tonnes with daily records broken at Perenjori, Yuna, Canna, Marchagee and Northampton (again). The Geraldton Zone daily receival record has also been broken with a new record of 110,944 tonnes. 

- Growers are starting to switch to wheat with the good harvesting weather. Some feed barley and canola services are closing.  

- Grain is coming in with good quality and cycle time sitting at 46.5 minutes 

Kwinana North Zone

- Friday rain slowed receivals for the weekend however the zone is now in full swing, bringing the total grain received for the week to 827,000 tonnes and 2,073,000 tonnes year to date. Konogorring broke its daily receival record. 

- We are now receiving all commodities across the zone, with good grain quality and yields higher than expected in some areas. There is a lot of low protein wheat across the zone.

- All of the sites are open throughout each area, with zone cycle time sitting at 42.6 minutes

- To help us keep grain flowing to port, freeing up space for other commodities and alleviating pressure at upcountry receival sites, we are reminding growers in the Kwinana North and Kwinana South zones about the Kwinana Port Initiative.

Kwinana South Zone

- Harvest receivals have now ramped up across the Kwinana South Zone with most sites doing high volumes despite weather events, bringing the weekly total to 523,000 tonnes and 1,054,000 tonnes year to date. 

- The zone has received 23 per cent of the estimated harvest. 

- Canola volumes are still high across the zone but barley and wheat are increasing and will be the main commodities this week. 

- To help us keep grain flowing to port, freeing up space for other commodities and alleviating pressure at upcountry receival sites, we are reminding growers in the Kwinana North and Kwinana South zones about the Kwinana Port Initiative.


Harvest Hero

Each year, our existing CBH employees are joined by hundreds of harvest casuals, and as a team they work together to receive the WA crop as safely and efficiently as possible. 

We again want to highlight some of these harvest heroes who help make our grain supply chain the best in the world, and make harvest our favourite time of year. 

This week’s CBH Harvest Hero is Anton Kuchling, who has been with CBH for over 16 years, spending 8 as a Receival Point Operator (RPO) and 8 as a Mechanical Fitter. 

Working as a Mechanical Fitter in the Albany Zone, Anton’s role is to maintain fixed and mobile plant equipment in Area 14

Anton’s colleague who nominated him said that although he never seeks to be praised for his efforts, is worthy of the recognition due to his commitment to getting the job done safely and done right the first time. 

“Anton brings a wealth of experience to the team and is often called up by other areas to share his knowledge and ideas, as well as helping Areas 15, 16 and 17 with their maintenance campaign shutdowns.

“Anton can attend to any mechanical breakdown and always contributes a high level of productivity to his area.”

“He works tirelessly to fix breakdowns safely and in a timely manner with the goal to limit and avoid any major disruptions to services that present during harvest in-loading and out-loading.” 

For example, Anton and his colleague Dean Giles recently saved the day at Newdegate where they replaced a bent sample spear, after a truck drove off whilst being sampled.”

“He is always at the ready to respond to breakdowns at a moment’s notice and delivers consistent high-quality outcomes for the business through both preventative and maintenance during off season, and with breakdown responses during harvest.”

It’s people like Anton and our maintenance teams who make up our team of harvest heroes and keep our supply chain operating!

Thank you for your contribution to CBH, Anton!


Anton Kuchling - CBH Harvest Hero

Anton Kuchling - Mechanical Fitter, Albany Zone

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