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CBH Group creates Kwinana Port Initiative


To help with your harvest planning, we are pleased to advise you that we have created the Kwinana Port Initiative for the 2022-23 harvest for growers in the Kwinana North and Kwinana South Zone.  

With a significant amount of carryover in the Kwinana zone and the potential for another large harvest, the Kwinana Port Initiative will help us keep grain flowing to port, freeing up space for other commodities and alleviating pressure at upcountry receival sites.  The initiative will also help us offset the expected reduction in CBH road transport resources during harvest that have been helping us move grain towards port over the last few months. 

About the Kwinana Port Initiative (KPI)

Given the strong demand for WA grain, this harvest we are seeking to attract 120,000 tonnes to the Metro Grain Centre (MGC) and 15,000 tonnes to the Kwinana Grain Terminal (KGT) of new season canola (GM and non-GM) directly from growers early in the harvest period.  

Kwinana growers who deliver canola to KGT and MGC will receive a $7.30 per tonne rebate on storage and handling fees

Once those targets have been achieved, or as required from time to time, the initiative may close. If CBH Operations identifies further opportunities, the initiative may be extended to other commodities. If the initiative closes or extends to other commodities, you will be notified via the CDF app.  

To help with your harvest planning, please see the below information on the upcoming opportunities.  

How to participate: 

  • To participate, simply deliver new season canola (GM or non-GM) directly to MGC or KGT 
  • If you deliver to KGT, you will need to be sampled at an upcountry site and remote sampled to the port 
  • By delivering to MGC or KGT, you will automatically qualify for the $7.30 per tonne rebate on storage and handling fees 
  • Please monitor the CDF app for any changes to the initiative including when it closes and if it extends to other commodities.  

For more information on these opportunities, please call the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083.

We appreciate your assistance to help us improve our supply chain performance, increase harvest shipping as quickly as possible and alleviate pressure at our upcountry sites.  

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