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New wheat grade trial for 2022/23


CBH is trialling a new 9 per cent minimum protein wheat store and pay grade called ASW9 this season. 

The trial will be conducted across all zones but not all sites will have access to the new grade. 

Growers will be advised of site locations offering the new segregation at pre-harvest bin meetings, at which time we will have a clearer idea of site storage capacity. Regular updates will also be available via the CDF app. 

ASW9 will have the same varietal class inclusions as ASW1 and will co-exist with ASW1. 

The new grade is designed to unlock greater value for growers by meeting existing international demand and reducing the requirement to blend wheat grades to meet customer specifications. This will also preserve higher protein wheat grades for key international milling markets. 

Last year, the industry experienced high volumes of low protein wheat produced and with this came large price differences between ASW and APW. 

The new grade will provide growers with a pricing option that will soften the price spread between the two grades. 

Similarly, there is consistent international demand for milling wheat that meets a minimum 9 per cent protein and it is essential that CBH can meet this export demand.  
To meet this demand, CBH and industry have been blending higher protein grades with ASW to achieve the 9 per cent minimum protein in seasons where ASW protein has been below 9 per cent. 

The new ASW9 grade will reduce the need for blending, preserving those higher protein grades for our key milling export markets.  

Growers will be able to optimise out of, but not into the new grade. The Quality Optimisation rules require the protein of the parcel of grain to be above 9.5 per cent to be eligible for Quality Optimisation into APW2 and APW1. 

We will add ASW9 to all existing CBH 2022/23 standard wheat multi-grade contracts by 13 July 2022 and these will be available to view in LoadNet

Growers are encouraged to contact their grain marketer for pricing information. 

The trial will be assessed at the end of the 2022/23 season, at which time a decision will be made about the future of the grade. 

Information webinar 

Growers are invited to join a webinar to discuss the changes and ask any questions they might have.  
ASW9 Webinar 
Monday 18 July 
1pm – 2pm  


More information 

For more information growers can get in touch with their local BRM or the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083

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