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New leaders and councillors: Growers' Advisory Council

The CBH Group’s Growers’ Advisory Council (GAC) has elected a new Chair and Deputy Chair and is calling for two new members to join the Council in July.

The GAC recently welcomed new Chair, Romina Nicoletti from Bonnie Rock, and Deputy Chair, Craig Doney from Harrismith.

CBH thanks outgoing Chair, Neville McDonald, and Deputy Chair, Helen Woodhams, for their leadership and commitment to the GAC. Helen was elected to the CBH Board in August 2020.

In addition, the GAC is also seeking nominations from Western Australian growers to fill two vacant positions due to the expiry of the terms of sitting councillors.

One vacancy is in District 5 to meet the minimum number of councillors required for that district.

The other position is available to a grower from any District, as the minimum number of councillors required for all Districts has already been met.

CBH Chair Simon Stead thanked the outgoing Chair for his significant contribution and encouraged growers to nominate to join the GAC.

“I would like to thank Neville McDonald for his dedication, commitment and leadership during his time as Chairman on the GAC, and for his significant contribution to the co-operative,” Mr Stead said.

He said the GAC played an invaluable role in ensuring CBH listened to its members and appropriately serviced their needs.

“The GAC is the voice of our growers – and this voice is critical to the long-term success of our co-operative.

“The GAC provides input and advice on important issues impacting growers, the co-operative and the broader grain industry.

“It is an exceptional opportunity for CBH grower members to provide feedback on important grower issues, while enhancing their own professional development through education and training opportunities,” he said.

The GAC is made up of 16 grower councillors and provides a formal channel to facilitate feedback and communication between CBH grower members and the co-operative’s Board and management team.

The Council meets four times a year in Perth to inform CBH of issues raised by growers, consider issues of a strategic nature to the Western Australian grain industry and provide feedback on CBH initiatives that will impact growers.

The GAC also helps increase grower engagement and understanding of issues affecting the co-operative and the broader grains industry.

A GAC councillor’s term is a single period of four years, with the two new positions starting on 1 July 2021.

Growers interested in joining the GAC will need to address the selection criteria provided on the CBH website and provide five referees.

Applications close Friday, 26 March 2021.

Successful candidates are selected by a panel comprising of Directors and representatives from the GAC and CBH management through an interview process.

Interested growers are encouraged to contact their local Director, current GAC members or CBH’s Government and Industry Relations Advisor Rob Dickie on (08) 9416 6313.

For more information, please visit