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Deferred Sales Pool Announcement


CBH Marketing and Trading has announced its Deferred Sales Pool which will open to growers from the 5th December 2022.

The Deferred Sales Pool will be available for wheat, barley and canola across all zones, and lupins and oats in specific zones. It will be an open access pool, meaning anyone can participate via contracting.

The Deferred Sales Pool will likely only have access to shipping capacity from October 2023 onwards. This is the key difference between the Deferred Sales Pool and a traditional Harvest Pool or Flexi-Pool.

It means a deferred selling program will take place for the product, with bulk sales not expected to be negotiated until well into 2023 which also means a later finalisation date, which we are currently anticipating as July 2024.

More information about the Deferred Sales Pool is on our website (, including the pool objective and mandate, the Pool Product Disclosure Guide, payment options and timing, and fact sheets containing relevant financial information.