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The Welbungin site sits within the Mount Marshall shire in the Kwinana North Zone.
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 Site information

Site Name Welbungin 
Site Address CRN Koorda-Bullfinch Rd / South St & Welbungin South Rd, Welbungin
Leased Premises Description Portion of Unnumbered Railway Reserve CRN Koorda-Bullfinch Rd / South St & Welbungin South Rd, Welbungin, with no identified Certificate of Title
Whole or part of site to be leased Whole of site
Land Area to be leased (approximate hectares) 5.8048 ha
CBH Building Storage Type B-type
Building Area (approximate m2 only) 4370 m2
Building Age (approximate only) 1973
Type - Lease or Sub-Lease SUB-LEASE - This site will be a Sub-Lease where the successful EOI party will need to comply with CBH's terms and conditions including complying with CBH's head lease terms & conditions held with Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (Head Lessor). Each sub-lease is subject to both Head-Lessor & Lessor approval.
Mains Power Service Status Power supply is not provided to the site
Other Information

Overrail garner bins are excluded from lease

GENERAL NOTE - Any weighbridges / conveyors / overrail garner bins remaining on-site post make safe/pre-leasing are non-operational. 

SPECIFIC SITE EXCLUSIONS -  Climbable elements to overrail garner bins, elevator towers, fan towers, storage shed access ladder will be removed (access ladders/platforms) / Electrical MCC Room - distribution electrical switching gear and electrical cabinets removed / Genset removed / Elevator tower valve and storage shed spindals removed / Confined space access points welded/bolted shut to prevent access / Inloading ground pits to be filled in / Weighbridge hut access bolted to prevent access / Sample shed, accommodation units, fan tower vats, toilet facility, concrete loading ramp, abandoned caravan all to be removed from site, track shed repair undertaken & general site cleaned up completed pre-leasing.             

Sites for lease or sale

As we continue to improve and develop our network, we will retire non-network receival sites that have not been operational for some time or are no longer needed for grower deliveries.

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