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CDF app

The CDF app (Carters Delivery Form) is used to deliver each load to a CBH site and manage the delivery process electronically through the app. It provides growers and transporters with real-time information on each load being delivered and is a key communication tool for CBH to keep everyone up to date with changes during harvest.
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Your digital Carters Delivery Form

  • Real-time load tracker
    Keep track of your loads from paddock to site with notifications
  • Site information
    Check available site segregations opening hours and site information
  • Harvest updates
    Receive important updates on changes during harvest with in-app notifications
  • Load traceability
    Paperless deliveries with weighbridge ticket emails and load history in the app
  • LoadNet integration
    Integration with your Paddock Planner and My Dashboard reporting tool


  • How to submit a CDF

    A CDF can be submitted by you, or someone delivering a load on your behalf (i.e. contract transporter).

    There are two ways to submit a CDF in the app:

    • If submitting the first load of the day, select CREATE NEW CDF. Fill out the form by selecting from your favourites or by manually entering the information.
    • If the load is the same as the last load delivered (i.e. same deliverer, property, commodity, variety, paddock etc.) select COPY LAST CDF. You can still make changes to the form before submitting it. This option is only enabled after the first load of the day has been delivered and will re-set each day.

    Once you have submitted your CDF, site staff will be able to view the load details and start preparing for the estimated time of arrival.

    If you have a weak network connection, you can submit the CDF offline and it will send once a connection has been established.

  • What is the CDF mobile app?

    A CDF (Carter’s Delivery Form) is a legal requirement for each harvest load delivered and the CDF app is an electronic version of the form which manages the grain delivery process electronically. The app is available to growers and transport contractors that cart grain on behalf of growers and provides real-time information and notifications to keep track of deliveries and grain quality. Find out more about the CDF app

  • What information from Paddock Planner is available in the CDF app?

    If used, the Paddock Planner information including properties, paddocks, commodities and varieties sync to the CDF app for harvest deliveries. This makes it easier when submitted a load for delivery as all the information is pre-filled. Once delivered, the load (including quality) is linked back to the paddock and the My Dashboard reporting tool in LoadNet to give in depth analysis and reporting.

  • Can CDF app be used without Paddock Planner?

    The CDF app can be used without Paddock Planner. However, this means that data will not be available in the CDF app and will need to be entered manually for each load delivered. It will also limit the reporting and analysis available in My Dashboard.

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How to set up your CDF app for harvest

  • There are different ways to use the app for growers, farm employees and transporters.
  • If you are a grower, you’ll need to log in with your CBH Personal Access Number (PAN), and if you’re a farm employee or transporter you can log in with your mobile number.
  • Check our Harvest Guide 2023/24 for instructions on how to get your app ready for harvest.

Using Paddock Planner with the CDF App

  • Make life easier by setting up your paddocks in LoadNet Paddock Planner  to automatically sync to your CDF app.
  • This helps your farm employees and transport contractors with access to the right information when delivering a load on your behalf.

Video Tutorials

Faster deliveries with CBH CDF app
 Faster deliveries with CBH CDF app
Setting up your CDF app
Setting up your CDF app
How to submit a CDF
How to submit a CDF