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Variety considerations for 2023 seeding program


Wheat Classification

When selecting a wheat variety to grow, the pay grade that can be achieved is often a key consideration for growers. Wheat Quality Australia joined Grains Australia in 2021 and are responsible for wheat classification. The Wheat Variety Classification Panel assesses new wheat varieties to determine their processing and end-product suitability (for qualities such as milling extraction, dough balance, baking performance and noodle colour and texture), to meet key market requirements. They also manage the Wheat Variety Master List which determines the grade that can be achieved by each variety. Classification for new varieties such as Brumby, Mohawk, LRPB Anvil and Stockade can be found here.

Removals from the Wheat Variety Master List

Calingiri has been removed from the Wheat Variety Master List. Calingiri can therefore only be delivered into feed stacks at CBH and Feed is the only paygrade available. This is the result of ongoing consultation with the key noodle markets.


Future removals from the Master List can be found hereKey varieties grown in WA to be removed in 2024 include Carnamah, Impose CL plus, Justica CL Plus, EGA Eagle Rock, Stiletto, Spear and Halberd T/N. 



Genetically Modified (GM) canola is now widely grown across all Port Zones and it remains important for CBH to segregate separately from non-GM canola. This allows WA growers to maintain access to a greater number of markets.

It is important for growers to take care when entering canola varieties into Paddock Planner and the CDF app to avoid contamination of non-GM canola in storage.

  • Roundup Ready and Truflex canola both exhibit tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. Both of these traits have been available for some time and growers are well accustomed to segregating from non-GM canola varieties.
  • Last year saw the commercial release of Liberty Link canola in the form of variety LT4530P. Liberty Link canola is resistant to the herbicide glufosinate and this resistance is conferred by genetic modification. As such it must be declared as a GM variety at the point of delivery.
  • Optigly Canola is another GM canola resistant to glyphosate due for commercial release in 2024. Optigly Varieties will also only be able to be delivered as GM (known as CAG). 

Should growers have any queries about variety classification then they should consult their agronomist. The CBH Grower Service Centre can also help with grading questions.



Malt barley segregation recommendations in each port zone are made by GIWA. This information is accessible on the GIWA website.

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