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Dry conditions support from CBH


With the dry weather continuing, we would like to remind you of the systems in place within CBH to assist growers accessing grain.

While Western Australia is an export-focussed state, growers can be reassured that CBH has a satisfactory volume of feed grain available for local livestock consumption.

In addition, the WA State Government recently announced an $8.6 million funding package for farmers impacted by drought in the state, which is the first recommendation so far from the newly formed Dry Season Taskforce.

Growers have the option to outturn their unsold grain warehoused in CBH’s system, or can purchase grain from CBH Marketing and Trading, if they wish to do so.

Here’s some more information on the process for both.

Outturning your grain from CBH Operations

Access will be at a select number of sites which will vary depending on when the grain is required, the volume of grain needed, and fumigation protocols. Most commodities will be available, however not all sites have access to all commodities and grades.

CBH has a standard outturn fee for all warehoused grain of $8.90 per tonne irrespective of the site, inclusive of Ports (where applicable).

If you would like to access warehoused grain, please submit a site outturn request through LoadNet or contact the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083.

Purchasing grain from CBH Marketing & Trading

If you would like to purchase grain, you will need an active CBH grower account and number.

If you don’t have one, you will need to complete a Credit Application Form and supply a set of recently audited financials for assessment by our credit team. However if you are happy to prepay for your grain, then a Credit Application Form with simple business entity details will only be required.

Before contacting CBH, have an idea of commodity, tonnes required, zone and preferred out-turn window, bearing in mind that grain will only be released from limited sites across each zone, each week.

You will then need to request a price and enter into a contract at least one week in advance of the requested out-turn period. Orders close at 5pm on Monday, for out-turn the following week.

Regarding purchasing grain from CBH, unfortunately oats are not available in any zone. Lupins are in short supply, and only available in the Geraldton and Kwinana port zones. BFD1 and BFDEC are currently available in all zones. ASW1 and AWWT are currently available in Geraldton, Kwinana, and Albany port zones.

If you would like to purchase grain from CBH Grain (Domestic sales contract), please contact your BRM or the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083.

The Grower Service Centre will ask for the following information: contact name, Grower Number, commodity, approximate tonnes, preferred pick-up sites/zones, and preferred pick-up date.


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