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Find out about the family that has collectively worked at CBH for 145 years


In CBH's 90th year, CBH employee, John Burton is also celebrating an incredible milestone of his own. 

This year marks John's 40-year CBH anniversary, adding to a family legacy of Burton's who have collectively worked at CBH for a total of 145 years. 

Introducing John Burton

John first started at CBH on 3 March 1983 as a Receival Point Operator (RPO) in the Merredin district at the age of 18. 

Now 40 years on, John still loves working at CBH. 

Over the years, he has worked as an RPO in Area 1 & 12, RPO and Plant Operator at the Geraldton Port, and for the past 15 years a Gang Truck Driver in Area 1. 

Working as a Gang Truck Driver, John is responsible for moving outloading machinery including MLS's and frontend loaders from site to site, and delivering water and tarps to sites. 

Looking back over #40harvests

When reflecting on 40 years, John said that CBH had looked after their employees well. 

"I have been a part of #40harvests, but the last two years have been the most memorable. It is fantastic to see farmers have such a great two years, with our region breaking many receival records."

"Every harvest has had its challenges but the last two have also been more challenging than most, mainly due to such large tonnages being received."

"CBH has been a constant for me and I have worked with some amazing people over the years."

Cory Foot, Area 1 Manager said that John is an honest and very hard-working person. 

"He is a very good teacher to anyone who starts with the business and has taught all Area 1 and country staff on a number of tasks at some point."

"John has always been there when we need, whether it's swapping out a broken machine late in the day or on the weekend, to helping out with harvest when we have had staff shortages with outloading programmes all throughout the zone," said Cory. 

"John is a massive asset to the team. He is always someone that RPO's can go to if they have an issue or seeking an opinion."

"It has been great to learn from John - I am proud to have worked with him and he has made CBH a better place to work in his 40 years."


A CBH legacy - The Burton's dedicate 145 years to CBH

In addition to John's 40-year achievement, his family over four generations have worked at CBH for a further 105 years. 

  • Grandfather Herbert Burton - 13 year's as a Supervisor in Esperance and then Head Office
  • Father Stanely Burton - 38 year's as Bulk Head Construction and then Pest Control Officer in Merredin
  • Uncle Raymond Burton - 38 year's in the Pest Control Department at Head Office
  • Uncle Lennard Burton - 3 year's as an RPO
  • John Burton - 40 years
  • Son Marshall Burton - 7 year's (and still employeed with CBH). Started as a casual RPO and is now an Electrician in Area 2 & 3
  • Daughter Kayleena Burton - 1 year as Admin Geraldton Port and sampling in Northhampton

 John said that many people choose CBH as their employer because they wish to stay in their hometown, which has also been the case for the Burton's. 

"CBH has been considered by my family as a reliable employer and job satisfaction has played a part in why they stayed for so many years," said John. 

Marshall with daughter Sanaa (potential new employee)

Pictured: Marshall Burton (John's son) with his daughter - a potential future CBH employee?

Congratulations John on #40harvests - what a fantastic achievement!

Thank you to The Burton family for their contribution to our co-operative and being a part of our 90-year history. 

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